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Bill Brent was the editor and publisher of the influential 1990s sex zine Black Sheets, as well as a literary event and sex party organizer, book publisher, punk rock fan, and more. He killed himself this past weekend by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Most of you outside of San Francisco will probably never have heard of him. Many of you within the SF community may never have heard of him, either. But Bill’s influence on our scene was absolutely enormous; it almost can’t be overstated.

In addition to publishing Black Sheets, Bill was responsible for The Black Book, a book-length sexual resource guide in the days long before the web made such things interactive. He founded Perverts Put Out, an alt-sex literary performance series that continues to this day under the care of Simon Sheppard, Carol Queen and Lori Selke. Under the Black Books imprint, he published numerous books, including Best Bisexual Erotica (which he co-published with Circlet Press) and my own Noirotica 3. He also co-founded and co-ran the Black Sheets pansexual play parties, which were a hugely influential venue.

There’s no easy way to describe the place that Bill Brent has in American History — and no, I’m not overstating it. The tragic truth is that people like Bill too often are forgotten. Even radical queer histories tend to eat their own. But Bill was a giant of the San Francisco sex underground. Oozing (some would say “spurting”) Bill’s natural charm and perverse humor, Black Sheets came along at a time when the sexual landscape of San Francisco was being completely redefined. Bill had been an old school SF punk in the eighties, and brought a mosh pit sensibility and DIY aesthetic to the radical queer expression that was just getting started in the early nineties.

With Black Sheets Bill actively sought out and encouraged original voices; Black Sheets was one of the first zines to publish my writing, and it published it because Bill tracked me down after a reading. He believed you learned about literature the same way you learned about sex — by getting your hands dirty. He got his hands, and the rest of him, as dirty as he needed to to follow his bliss and stick it to The Man.

Bill was in many respects a culture warrior; he found a home for himself at the confluence of San Francisco’s punk, gay, and BDSM communities by putting down tent stakes where they belonged, not where the existing identity politics made them convenient. He made a home for himself by carving it out of the city. In so doing, he helped make a place for so many of us.

San Francisco writer and event host Kirk Read said something beautiful about Bill on his Facebook page:

Bill Brent — author, publisher and thrower of literary events and sex parties — has taken his own life. He was important. Up there with Geoff Mains and John Preston.

He was the crown prince of the San Francisco sex nerds. The world he envisioned was so totally different than the one we live in. For artists, writers and dreamers, that disparity can be shattering. Let us all continue to write and perform and gather together. The alternative sucks.

Kirk is not exaggerating. Bill’s may not be a name you recognize, but the world would not be the same without him.

Bill himself said something beautiful in his page at Author’s Den:

Each of us wants to hear someone shouting back as we scream into the abyss.
–Profound Bill

In classic Bill Brent style, he followed that up with the observation:

Every mind needs candy.
–goofy Bill

So here’s some candy, in honor of Bill — over on, I’ve posted his punk rock sex-noir story “I Want Candy,” Episode 1 of his Dick Death series. It appeared in the first volume of my anthology series Noirotica in March, 1996.

R.I.P., Bill. You will be missed.

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Monday’s Gizmodo story on Pheromone Parties caught me totally by surprise. Apparently advances in pseudoscience have made a whole new level of scam possible. Imagine!

One of these parties was held on April 5th in Los Angeles, and there are more to come. Pheromones are a perennial item that snake-oil salesmen try to sell, especially within the adult industry — the same folks who want to sell you magic pills that will make your pecker larger, or increase your bust size.

But more on that later. Meanwhile, here’s Gizmodo on Pheromone Parties:

These events pair people based on the scientific idea that we all create our own unique perfume, or pheromones, to attract mates. It works for insects, cats, and other creatures, so why wouldn’t it work for humans? For $30, Pheromone Parties will help you find your next date, or perhaps the love of your life by smelling their stale, sweaty clothes. Which isn’t that creepy, except for all of it.


You read that right…stale, sweaty clothes.

Sound hot? Yeah, for some people it is (though presumably not the people attending a pheromone party). An attraction to sweaty clothes is, in fact, a very common fetish — and generally harmless. Smelling someone’s sweaty clothes can be hot for you if it’s hot for you, and hooray for you if it is. But as a mainstream, utilitarian matchmaking tool? Yeah…that’s kind of weird. And as a mainstream, utilitarian matchmaking tool supported by a buzzword that reeks (hee hee!) of pseudoscience? Gag me with a spoon.

More from Gizmodo:

To prepare for the natural scent shindig, you sleep in the same clean, white, cotton t-shirt for three nights in a row to bottle, or in this case bag, your own “odor print.” You bring the stank shirt to the fête in a ziplock, which is given a number, with bags marked blue for boys and pink for girls.

Throughout the bash, you’re invited to smell the shirts as you wish….if you see someone holding your number, then you’ve found your musk match.


A reader points out in the comments that most human body odor comes from bacteria, far more than a hormonal “fingerprint.” Different types of bacteria may be typical to an individual, creating a familiar smell. Some studies have indicated an important role in male smell to female attraction, but it’s never been shown to have anything to do with pheromones specifically…other than by pseudoscientists selling snake oil, and by people who don’t know what the term — specifically — means.

I’m sure as hell not claiming there’s no role in smell to human attraction. Having experienced it, I’m confident there is a huge role of smell in attraction. But trotting out “pheromones” to give scientific weight to a marketing concept is a time-honored technique used by scoundrels.

What the hell are pheromones, anyway? In case you don’t remember them from that entomology class you wedged into your schedule between O-Chem and Pharmacology — that is to say, in case Professor Berenstreicher’s lecture on gall wasp mating behavior and the secretions of the honeybee’s Nasonov gland is too dim in your memory — pheromones are substances secreted by certain organisms that can be smelled by other members of the same species. They impact the behavior of the receiving individual, and stuff.

In insects, pheromones are very well-documented. In mammals, not nearly as much. One well-known 1998 study (which has been substantially questioned) claimed to demonstrate the synchronization of menstrual cycles based on a pheromone response in human. But it’s more or less accepted fact in medical science that there’s no olfactory capability that humans have of actually detecting pheromones. The sensors that detect them in other animals exist in humans only during fetal development and are non-functional by the time you’re born.

Some research in mice has suggested (maybe) that humans might have an alternate method for sniffing out pheromones….maybe. But broad demonstration of humans reacting sexually to pheromones has been demonstrated in a peer-reviewed journal.

Nonetheless, “pheromone colognes” and even pheromone lubes have long been marketed with the claim that they can affect human (particularly female) sexual behavior. Slather some Pher-O-Matic on your bulging pectorals, the story goes, and women will fall at your feet. Many of these products come out of shady adult wholesalers, but some are from something closer to the mainstream health-and-beauty industry — or at least its shadier infomercial-marketing side. Oftentimes the claims will try to look and sound medical. You can comparison shop and everything. This page even tries to lend credibility by specifying the twin Greek roots of the word.

The upshot? If a lover or potential lover’s scent gets you hot — you’re in good company. It does, for many if not most of us. And by all indications, it’s not due to pheromones.

And a dating event based in pseudoscience is not one you should trust.

Photo: Malena, from this hot X-Art gallery.

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Many of you know Bawdy Storytelling from their prior events covered on Tiny Nibbles. Dixie De La Tour‘s always nerd-friendly performance series is getting even more nerd-friendly tonight, with Bawdy Storytelling: Geeksexual at the Verdi Club in San Francisco (buy advance tickets here).

Held regularly for 5 years now in Oakland, San Francisco and points beyond, Bawdy Storytelling even had a workshop at this year’s controversy-steeped Sex Week at Yale. Bawdy Storytelling seeks to inject the storytelling community with a dollop of oversexed mojo, and the sex-writing community with a horny high colonic of inspired spontaneity.

Having performed at Bawdy once in the past, I can tell you it’s a completely different experience for a performer than reading a written-down story. As an audience member, it’s a whole new kind of entertainment — as different from the usual erotica reading as a bluegrass hoedown is from a band-saw recital.

Bawdy has been known to spice up events with intermittent dirty ukelele ballads and the spontaneous shedding of clothing; you never know quite what flavor of knickers or tassels might hit the floor (or the faces of those lucky enough to occupy the front row).

Tonight’s event at the Verdi Club is close to our Tiny Nibbles heart…many of us like to think of ourselves as “Geeksexual.” The gig promises “Hot nerd-on-nerd action,” like so:

Ever notice the huge overlap between Engineers, Video Game Designers, Programmers, and … Perverts? Yep, their linear approach to issues that range from ‘facilitating orgasms using factory equipment only’ to ‘an in-depth analysis of suspension rigging to maximize access for sensory input’ – well, that research may be improving the life of some lucky lab assistant RIGHT NOW. Remember, when a geek says “actually, you can have multiple orgasms in fairly rapid succession,” believe them – but ask for proof. It’s more fun that way.

Want a peek inside an Engineer’s unique approach to sex and dating? From providing answers as a Sex Educator to building Dildonics in their basement, GeekSexuals apply their technical prowess to everybody’s favorite riddle, and the Earth is a better place because of it. Join us on Wednesday, April 11th and go home with some new tips and tricks, and an evening of great true stories. Long live the GeekSexual!


Tonight’s performers this time around include Miss Maggie Mayhem, Sarah Dopp, Reid Mihalko, Todd Arthur, Allison Moon, and a “Scientist/Storyteller” known only as Ted, who reportedly “Not only talks, he tells!” And Geeksexual will feature the return of what is perhaps my favorite thing about Bawdy — Dirty Ukelele, this time by Iris Brilliant. If you want a feel for what the stories are like, check out the very geeky and very sexy trailer below on Vimeo.



Again, it all goes down at the Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa in San Francisco (that’s between 17th and 18th, Potrero and Harrison). Doors are at 7, show at 8. You can get tickets in advance for $12 or pay $15 at the door. These events can get crowded, so buying in advance is highly recommended.

Check Bawdy’s Facebook page for full-on geek-on-geek pre-meetup interactivity, or put on your propeller beanie and drop in at “Because there’s a horny, nerdy kid inside all of us.”

Image: Rain DeGrey at Bawdy Storytelling, by Shilo McCabe, from The Sex Positive Photo Project.

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If you’re old enough and/or geeky enough to remember the 1979 Nicholas Meyer film Time After Time, you may recall that when Malcolm McDowell’s H.G. Wells jumped forward in time from about 1895 to modern San Francisco, he explained his being out of touch with world affairs and fashion by 100 years — by telling people he was English.

They all believed him without question.

Well, my beloved Brits…articles like today’s bizarrely time-shifted piece on phone sex in Britain’s The Sun is why I could see San Franciscans actually believing him.

Remember, Time After Time was made before the days when mutton chops, jodhpurs and riding boots became a reasonable choice for daily wear to a dot-com job you could never, ever hope to explain to your parents. In 2012, it’s the steampunk era. Nowadays, if a British guy with a tweed suit and a bad mustache told us he was from Kent then wink-wink-nudge-nudged us as to where he could call for some hot phone sex, we’d be annoyed because he’s a hipster, not worried because he might be a time traveler. We’d assume that phone sex was the new retro trend the cool kids are getting into, and we’d make fun of him behind his back, same as we do with everyone.

Here in The Future, phone sex has its devotees, but it’s a dying profession. There are still sites like Niteflirt, but even there the traffic is often pushed to cam or “phone with cam.” Commercial phone sex feels as out-of-date to me as a brandy in the drawing room followed by giving the maid a good birching. To me, “Phone sex” is something guys in chat rooms demand from women they just met, not something people pay for.

But, as our UK readers are sure to inform me (and yes, I already know), The Sun is published for a grandmotherly audience. To them, phone sex is still a big enough and weird enough “thing” that its myths need to be addressed in a news article. And entitled “How Sex Line Worker Fools Punters,” it is intermittently sex-negative and salacious, but sure to give full-on robot wood to anyone who fetishizes English housewives.

“Punters,” incidentally, is slang among British sex workers for “john,” or among proprietors of porn shops for customers; interestingly, I’ve also heard it used by erotic book publishers to mean “readers.” The article, obviously intended for women “just like Maureen” — i.e., housewives — is fixated on how dumb men are for believing her.

The article never once suggests the positive takeaways — that fantasy is a vibrant art, or that Maureen’s experiences illuminate how the male sexual psyche works. It’s more concerned with the fact that men are stupid.

As Sexy Scarlett breathes heavily into the phone and describes her saucy fishnets and satin undies, the punter on the other end of the line would never imagine she was really 55-year-old Maureen Gardner.

Wearing tracksuit bottoms and nursing a cup of tea, with the phone wedged under her chin, she spends each evening pretending to be a lusty young callgirl to earn extra cash.

…She says: “I’m such an actress, I even add sound effects to make their experience realistic. My favourite is flicking the elastic on my manky pop-socks.

“The snapping noise against my skin emulates the sound of the sexy fishnet stockings that I promise the men I am wearing. Of course, the reality is that I’m taking the bins out.”

…“I tell the men I’m tall and slim with jet-black hair down to my waist and I’m almost always holding a whip. In reality, I’m short with curly red hair and often carrying the iron.”

Maureen’s punters love to feel as if she is really in the room with them, so she has found some odd ways to make her sex noises as lifelike as possible.

She says: “I find that if I put my knees up to my neck, it compresses my diaphragm, then my groans sound pitch-perfect. I also watch When Harry Met Sally as homework. Meg Ryan was my sex noise idol. It really is quite amazing how gullible men are.”

…After a year in the job, Maureen stepped it up a gear and started working on the dominatrix lines too. This time her alter ego was Katia, a 6ft blonde Norwegian prison guard.

She says: “I would threaten in my best Scandinavian accent, ‘My bite is as bad as my bark.’


As if to drive home just how unlike Scarlett and Katia Maureen is, the article features conspicuously staged photos of Maureen talking on the phone while ironing and washing dishes.

Frankly, I think she’s pretty hot, but that’s just me.

Photo: From the photoset “Larkin On the Phone, Hollywood, 2011,” by Mark Maggiori.

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National Cleavage Day

by Thomas Roche on March 30, 2012

When you got dressed today, did you know you were celebrating National Cleavage Day? Or is every day National Cleavage Day for you? If you’ve got buttons and breasts, you may want to unfasten one of the former; if you appreciate the latter, take a moment to consider the delight that cleavage brings into the lives of people everywhere. National Cleavage Day occurs in April each year, at least theoretically since 2002; 2012 is the first year it happens to land on Walpurgisnacht. (Happy Walpurgisnacht, by the way.)

Created in 2002 in South Africa, National Cleavage Day is placed in April to, as a frequently cleavage-baring friend of mine once put it, “let the sisters out to breathe” after a lengthy winter of being packed away in impossibly snug sweaters and stretchy thermal turtlenecks.

Is National Cleavage Day a “real” holiday? Well…y’know, when it comes to holidays I vote for applying the old strip-club patron’s adage: “If I can see ‘em, they’re real.” But the truth is that holidays suffer from the same real/fake split that breasts in porn do. So National Cleavage Day a commerce-driven augmentation to the natural calendar, or was it born this way? Yes and no: it’s a Hallmarkesque invention, not unlike my other favorite holiday, Secretary’s Day. But Hallmark didn’t have a damned thing to do with this one. It appears to be a creation of the South African Wonderbra brand and some Johannesburg radio station, possibly in collaboration with Cosmopolitan magazine (presumably the South African edition). The Wikipedia entry on the topic is bizarrely garbled, but keeps coming back to this whole South African thing.

Okay, well…having admired a bit of South African cleavage in my day, I would be more than tickled to think of this merely as South African Cleavage day, but there’s cleavage everywhere (hopefully). The holiday is trending on Twitter and getting press in markets as far afield as India, Atlanta, and London, where it also inspired a street-side cleavage stroll. But as if to drive home the fact that it’s a commerce-based holidays, the London Cleavage Walk was not just a grassroots event in which boobs were bared as a spontaneously empowering exercise. It promoted a store opening for boutique chain Ann Summers.

I like to think National Cleavage Day can be like any other commerce-based holiday… even, say, Christmas. The Grinch could steal all the push-up bras in the world, and when it comes to cleavage, there would still be plenty of Whos in Whoville.

Remember the true spirit of National Cleavage Day, people. It shouldn’t be about the sale of spendy lingerie. It should be about…cleavage. So let’s join hands and sing, shall we?

Image: Christina Hendricks, via Buzzfeed.

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Under the quaintly condescending title Fertile Imagination: Ovulating Gals Have More Sex Fantasies, LiveScience’s Stephanie Pappas reports on a study that found that ovulating women are not only more likely to have sexual fantasies, but tend to include more men in their fantasies.

Specifically, “Women have more sexual fantasies during fertile periods of the month,” as Pappas puts it. The study was reported in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The story is getting play in such venues as The Times of India and The Daily Mail. even went so far as to publish a story about the study under the garish headline “Strong Sexual Fantasies? Be Careful!” — turning a rather innocuous if interesting piece of science into a cautionary tale about not getting knocked up, as if having sexual fantasies was by itself dangerous. In the context of the current war against birth control and the conservative pathologizing of sexual women, headlines like that make my skin crawl.

Like many “facts” in sexual science, this study will stand as “proof” of something, by anyone who needs to trot out “proof” of what they already believe.

Unfortunately, I see a serious problem with it — the study was of 27 women. That’s right: Twenty-freakin’-seven. The results might be fascinating, but this is hardly a wholesale re-evaluation of hormones and sexual fantasy.

Don’t get me wrong — numerous other studies have suggested a link between ovulation and women’s sexual behavior. That link seems pretty clearly demonstrated at this point. But just what it means is still open (like everything) for major debate. And while I’m stoked to see an essentially sex-neutral piece about women’s sexual fantasies making headlines across the globe, it bugs me when small studies are trotted out as “proof” of something.

Here are the findings, as summarized by Pappas in LiveScience:

The new study finds that sexual fantasies increase, and lead to more arousal in women, during fertile periods. Women also reported a higher proportion of men in their fantasies during fertile times of the month.

“When it mattered most, women were fantasizing more about men,” said study author Samantha Dawson, a graduate researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

Dawson and her colleagues focused on fantasies because such sexual daydreams aren’t dependent on the availability of sex partners or other outside forces. That means fantasies may be more representative of sexual interest than how much real-life sex a woman has, Dawson told LiveScience.


These sound like some pretty interesting findings. In particular, I find it utterly fascinating that they’ve called out the question of whether women specifically fantasize “more” about men during fertile times. Does this imply that even women whose sexual fantasies often or frequently or always lead them elsewhere may be subject to this phenomenon? Are queer women experiencing physical fertility more likely to have their fantasies gravitate toward heteronormativity? And do women fantasize about “more” men, envisioning multiple partners? There’s no real indication that the women’s fantasies were kinkier or included group sex, so I’m stuck with the boring old implication that a woman’s physical fertility might lead to heteronormative sexual fantasies. (See below — it looks to me like that aspect of the study is probably insignificant.)

Here’s the problem:

The researchers paid 27 single heterosexual women, mostly college students, to keep a daily online diary of their sexual fantasies for one month. None of the women were on hormonal birth control. By counting back from the last menstrual period, the researchers targeted a 10-day window in which each woman would likely ovulate.

That’s not a very large sample by which to “prove” that women are a certain way, is it? Just like the study that said ovulating women like butch men (66 subjects), that women’s armpits smell good when they’re ovulating (42 subjects), that women can smell when a guy is horny (20 men and 19 women). Then again, the study that said birth control pills make women pick men who are bad for them had a whopping 100 women.

Is a study with 100 women better science than the study with 27 women? Not necessarily, and it doesn’t make the Archives of Sexual Behavior study a bad study. Both cohorts are within the range of typical behavioral studies — but for fuck’s sake, that’s not very many women. [SATISFY your CURIOSITY and CONTINUE READING…]

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St. Patrick’s Day Monster Cock

17 March 2012
If I told you "bod ollphéist" means "monster cock" in Irish Gaelic, would I be whispering sweet nothings or just showing off my Google Translate mojo? The two are often one and the same for me, but the staff of Bad Dragon Toys speaks a universal language. For St. Patrick's Day, […]
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Sex Work, Stewardesses, and Australia’s Own Borgata Babes

13 February 2012
As fate would have it, this morning I began reading Geoffrey Gray's Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper, about the only unsolved skyjacking in U.S. aviation history. An early portion of the book is devoted to the fascinating and horrifying conditions under which stewardesses were expected to work in 1971, […]
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Is the Super Bowl a Hotbed of “Sex Trafficking?”

5 February 2012
In an article headlined Super Bowl: Volunteers Prepare to Stop Pimps, Sex Traffickers, the Christian Post reports on what may be the very weirdest sporting-event-related promotional giveaway in history: Super Bowl anti-sex-slavery soap. No, I'm not making this up: Theresa Flores, founder of Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (S.O.A.P.), told The […]
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Sex Week At Yale Survives Conservative Backlash…Sort Of

5 February 2012
Did you know that on Trojan's 2006 report card on sexual health on college campuses, Yale was the only university with a perfect score, praised by Trojan for its excellent student sexual health resources? One of the reasons Yale students rate as such sexual smartypantses is the annual Sex Week at […]
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New Ebook Edition of Francesca Lia Block’s Erotic Classic ‘Nymph’ on Sale Through Valentine’s Day

3 February 2012
Boston indie publisher Circlet Press has been publishing erotic science fiction and fantasy since the early 1990s. One of my very favorite books they ever published was Nymph, a little hardbound collection of linked erotic stories by Francesca Lia Block. Cooked up in a gumbo pot from equal parts ultra-hotness […]
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Babeland Locations Offer Free Bicycle Delivery On Valentine’s Day

1 February 2012
Imagine the tragedy if, during a hot party with one or more of your bestest battery-powered and/or silicone friends, one of them suffers from vibrator breakdown or nipple clamp metal-fatigue. And if a toe-curling orgasm causes you to accidentally propel that dildo out the window before you're finished with it? […]
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Homophobic Pastor’s Anal Obsession

31 January 2012
North Carolina Pastor Patrick Wooden is a rabidly anti-gay preacher who's, well, a little obsessed with anal sex. Now, in my opinion there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with anal sex -- I can get a little obsessed with it myself, especially on Tuesdays. Hey, what's not to be obsessed […]
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Is Male Sexuality to Blame For War?

24 January 2012
In a bizarrely credulous article, the Telegraph has answered the question of what causes war. That's right! You guessed's boners. Not economics, resource scarcity, ethnic and racial prejudice, acquisitive and incompetent political leaders, short-sightedness or failure to learn from history. Nope! It's just plain boners, pure and simple. They're […]
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Supreme Court Considers Fleeting Expletives and Brief Nudity on TV…Again

16 January 2012
Did you know that earlier this week, the nine justices of the US Supreme Court were asked to consider the bare asses hanging over their heads? If you said "no," don't feel bad. It was news to me that there are bare asses hanging over the highest court in the land […]
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Revel Body’s Toothbrush Tech: Vibe Variation or Valley-Style Vaporware?

10 January 2012
As you may or may not know, the typical vibrator motor is a simple affair. Most vibrators just have an electromagnetic wheel that spins; a weight on one side makes it spin slightly off-kilter. How strong the vibrations are depends on how fast the wheel spins, how big the wheel is, […]
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2011′s Hugging, Kissing Machine Inventions Show Us the Future of Robosex

28 December 2011
Tucked into CNN's Lilly Workneh's "Top 10 Most Bizarre Tech Stories of 2011" are two amazing new devices from Japan that I somehow missed this past year. I won't dispute that they're bizarre from one perspective. But I get a full-on robot chubby seeing devices adapted for this level of […]
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Boxing Day Etsy Orgy

26 December 2011
I hadn't even slept off my ham hangover this Christmas before the sales pitches started hitting my inbox. The very first came from Apple, telling me "Now it's time to treat yourself." I couldn't agree more -- in my book, it's always time to treat myself. But is it just […]
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Etsy Ecstasy: Vagina Dentata Glow-In-the-Dark Panties

12 December 2011
  What I love the most about these vagina dentata panties on Glukkake's Etsy store is not just that the teeth glow in the dark...but that they're images of actual teeth. Like anyone familiar with vaginas that bite,  Glukkake knows that they don't sport some cartoon snaggletooth; a pussy needs molars. Well, there are […]
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Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Desire?

7 December 2011
A post yesterday on liberal politics site is headlined "Proof That Homophobia Is Associated with Homosexual Arousal." In it, writer Sarah Jones makes reference to a Psych study at the University of Georgia in which authors HE Adams, LW Wright, and BA Lohr strapped some college boys into dick […]
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