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I can’t remember the first time I saw a “choose your own adventure” erotic book because it was over ten years ago, sometime when I worked at Good Vibrations as the book review writer. They started coming out long before I saw one, in the 1990s, after the original, non-erotic iteration of the genre had been planted in kids’ fiction for over a decade. The adult version of this kind of book is always simultaneously a really great and really bad idea. Often, the execution suffers from genre-rot, or it’s too tame for actual adult readers.

There have been a couple of good ones, though. I found this short list of choose-your-own adventure erotic books, and it includes two books to consider if you’re interested in checking out the genre. However, it seems to me that choose-your-own books are designed primarily for physical books, so be warned that I don’t know how the form factor works with Kindle.

These two have interesting stories, they are well-written, and they are most certainly sexually explicit:

So after all that, I’m interested in – but hesitant to go YAY about – Harper Ingram’s new project, Follow Your Fantasy (available for pre-order here).

The Guardian UK recently regurgitated Harper’s press release as editorial content if you want to know more:

A threesome, sex with a stranger or work on a porn film: the choice will be yours, as HarperCollins prepares to launch an erotic version of the Choose Your Own Adventure books which were wildly popular in the 1980s.

This time, though, rather than pretending to be a deep-sea explorer searching for the lost city of Atlantis, or a space traveller born on a spaceship travelling between galaxies, “you” are a woman who has been stood up in a swish hotel bar. When a stranger mistakes you for a high-class escort, slips you an envelope full of cash and invites you to his room, the first of many choices begins.

Follow Your Fantasy, which will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day from the publisher’s digital romance imprint HarperImpulse, is written by the pseudonymous Nicola Jane, and is pitched as “a new type of erotica which gives the power back to the reader”. There are 44 chapters, said HarperCollins, 22 of which “include hot sex of some kind, 18 advance the story and only four take the reader out with no action, leaving them free to go back and choose again”.

Erotic adventures could include “enticing two young men into a memorable threesome”, “dinner with a stressed-out executive involv[ing] more than food on the table”, or a visit to a porn set. “Remember, even if you choose submission, the control is still all yours,” says the publisher.

Oh neat, it’s a cliché rodeo. :(

An excerpt from first part of Follow Your Fantasy is here, and Harper’s blog follows it with part two and three.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you know if it’s worth a look in my next Kink Your Kindle post.

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This Black Friday/Cyber Monday Kink Your Kindle post features a well-endowed selection of high quality dirty ebooks, new sex nonfiction, and enough literate smut by hot writers to distract you (in the best way) from holiday shopping stresses.

With the exception of the nonfiction titles, every selection in this post contains explicit sex, ranging from romantic trysts with hardcore sex to character-driven, thoughtful – but very nasty – porn. Expect unusual and rich stories, characters with complexity, riveting realistic sex, and skilled storytelling.


  • Plays Well in Groups: A Journey Through the World of Group Sex ($18.35) by Katherine Frank
    “From tribal religious rituals to the Playboy mansion, and from ancient Rome to Burning Man, Plays Well in Groups explores the phenomenon of group sex. Author Katherine Frank draws on surveys, ethnographic research, participant interviews, and more to provide explanations for both participation in group sex and our complex reactions to it, from fascination to fear.”
  • Sex and the Citadel ($11.99) by Shereen El Feki
    “Journalist El Feki, with familial roots deep in Egypt, delves into a sensitive, rarely addressed topic in this tour de force on Arab life. …From women meeting behind closed doors to discuss spousal disappointment and abuse to doctors all too familiar with surprising sexual practices, El Feki peels back every layer. Her research is wide-ranging and relentless.”
  • The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys ($9.99) by Violet Blue
    “Which toy offers the turn on we’re looking for? to Should it be made of silicone or jelly rubber? Multi-speed or multi-functional? These, and all sorts of other questions you might be too embarrassed to ask in a shop, are answered—and even the most experienced lovers will find Blue’s advice invaluable.” —Tamsin’s Superotica


Here’s a grab bag of indie erotic publisher Mischief’s hotter titles; some of the authors I’ve published in Best Women’s Erotica:


  • Taking Over Me ($9.79) by Sara Brookes
    “Allison may be a geek, a technology buff who loves her video games and comic books, but she’s still one cool chick. My kind of girl, even if I don’t pull all-nighters playing Halo (now, all-nighters with a good book – that’s me). Unfortunately for Al – as her friends call her – she’s just one of the guys. Her guy pals don’t see her the way she wants to be seen: as a woman. That all changes when Allison rescues the barista at her local coffeehouse when his register quits working.”
  • The Big Book of Orgasms ($9.99) by Rachel Kramer Bussel
    Rachel has put together a great compendium of short, lusty orgasms; 69 stories with a range of kinks, tastes and orientations. “This book certainly lives up to its title. …If you’re looking for a light-hearted erotica romp anthology, this may be the collection for you.” —Reading by Pub Light
  • Take Your Partner and The Intimate Stranger ($1.99 each, free with Amazon Prime) by LoveHoney
    Earlier this year, LoveHoney ran an erotic story competition, and published the results in two collections. The winners are featured alongside stories by well-established authors – a few of which I’ve included in different editions of Best Women’s Erotica – including Justine Elyot, Kay Jaybee and Lily Harlem.

  • Matzoh and Mistletoe ($2.51) by Jodie Griffin
    “Every December twenty-fifth, Rebeccah Rickman volunteers through her synagogue so that others can celebrate Christmas. Her usual mitzvah, or good deed, is assisting police officer Jeremy Kohler. But this year is different: this year, Becca is free to act on the attraction that has long simmered between her and the sexy, dominant cop.” (Read a mini-review here.)
  • Breeder ($6.15) by Cara Bristol
    “Dak is an alpha man in a world where women are a commodity. They are breeders only and used for sexual gratification, no attachments allowed. Yet when Dak gets a breeder named Omra he is taken aback and begins to feel things he should not. This author has built a world with characters that grab your attention and pull you right in from the start, making this not only a hot read but one full of depth and romance.”
  • Room 2201: A Femdom Story of Bisexual Male Anal Submission ($2.99, free with Amazon Prime) by N.T. Morley
    “Caroline has decided her slave, Marshall, needs to learn more about submission than she can teach him alone. By her decree, he must serve dick as well as pussy. Booking a hotel suite, she introduces her plaything to a handsome and dominant Italian man named Armand. The heterosexual Marshall is reluctant to experience cock for the first time…but he can’t say “no” to his Mistress. Eager to please her, he has no choice but to surrender to Armand… “
  • Banging Rebecca ($2.99) by Alison Tyler
    “Banging Rebecca is a dirty rock and roll story about a girl, a band, and a wicked desire. The 6K-word novella is filled with the type of kink that Alison Tyler fans love best: bondage, spanking, exhibitionism, and hardcore sex.” Read a steamy excerpt here.
  • King of Bitcoin ($3.99) by Kayleen Knight
    “LOL! I know so many people like Atlas its unreal. The sex scenes in this book are just ridiculous and I was crying my eyes out in laughter. If you know anything about bitcoins you’ll LOVE THIS BOOK!” -Amazon review
  • Best Women’s Erotica 2014 ($10.89) Edited by Violet Blue
    “Best Women’s Erotica 2014 delivers risky, romantic, and heart-pounding thrills. Joyful, daring, and authentic, these steamy stories revel in erotic adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of long-time lovers. These stories are not merely erotic, but filled with strong characters and clever narratives showing how sexual experience is different for everyone. This anthology is a a glorious celebration of the finest and friskiest female erotic fiction today.”


  • Restless Spirit ($3.03, December 4) by Sommer Marsden
    “Three men want her, only one can truly claim her.” From a pre-review: “One of the best adult/erotica books I have ever read. The characters are real and believable, the sex scenes are absolutely scorching hot.” (Marsden is one of my favorite erotic authors; right now her husband is beating cancer, and you can join the erotic writing community in helping her out here.)

Want more books to choose from? Find more in some of my previous Kink Your Kindle lists:

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Don’t despair having an unsexy Kindle: a new Kink Your Kindle post is here. My newest picks for the season’s hottest lit-smut and must-have explicit sex books will kinkify your little Kindle – with no one the wiser.

Every pick on the list below has explicit sex, and the range spans from true-love romance with hardcore sex all the way to some seriously filthy porn – all with superlative writing. Expect compelling stories, top notch authors, tense sexual realism, and exciting characters. Look for well-crafted narratives, erotic power play and no dull climaxes.

  • Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission ($10.59) by Alison Tyler
    I love this book. Dark Secret Love is a modern-day Story of O, a 9 1/2 Weeks-style journey fueled by lust, longing and the search for true love. Inspired by her BDSM lifestyle and based on her private diaries, Tyler creates a scorchingly hot work of tense dominant-submissive fiction, a meta-novel with very real characters whose sex is so passionate and unpredictable, it’s impossible to stop turning pages once the sex starts.
  • The Juliette Society ($8.89; UK) by Sasha Grey
    One night, at a club, she meets at a man who leads her into a strange world. And soon she is drawn toward the Juliette Society, an exclusive secret society in which all the deepest, darkest fantasies are explored. But for those who join this world, there is no turning back.
  • Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories ($3.49; UK) by Tenille Brown, Sommer Marsden, Sophia Valenti and two more
    Excellent mini-collection. Open features five filthy bisexual erotic stories by some of today’s top writers in the field. These sultry pieces focus on f/f/m pairings in a wide array of situations.
  • The Voyeur ($2.99) by Kay Jaybee
    Wealthy businessman and committed voyeur, Mark Parker, has a list of 13 fantasies he is intent on turning into reality. Traveling between his London flat, his plush Oxfordshire mansion, and Discreet, his favorite BDSM club; Mark is helped to realize his imaginatively dark erotic desires by two loyal members of his staff – his personal assistant, Anya Grant, and his housekeeper, Clara Hooper.

  • Someone Else’s Skin ($2.99) by Elizabeth Coldwell
    An erotic novel with fantasy, time travel, BDSM, bondage and restraint, spanking and ménage themes. When Annie Harrison is hypnotised for an article she’s writing, she finds herself in the body of Jai Galloway, a 23rd-century eco activist who plans to go back in time and save the earth’s atmosphere from being destroyed. Loving what her new body can do, Annie is soon living two existences – one with her kinky musician boyfriend and one in the future, where she learns all the tricks of sex as a man. But the more time she spends in Jai’s body, the more threat she faces of being trapped there forever…
  • Hidden Dragons ($4.99) by Emma Holly
    If you miss Game of Thrones, don’t miss the tragedy of the series, but want a tense fantasy story with deliciously written, explicit sex (by the top erotic paranormal writer in the business), you won’t regret buying and reading this book. “She transports us to her world of Resurrection, a pocket of magical creatures and fae hidden in the mundane realm of humans — a portal between the not always so friendly fairie realm and the human’s earth. How do you get the hunky were-boy you crushed on in high school out of your system when he shows up at your door a jaw-dropping, drool-worthy police detective? And just how seriously should you take your father when he tells you dragons still exist?”
  • Dirty Thoughts From the Back of the Room ($2.99) by ten authors; Write Sex Right
    A great little collection of ten stories (and one essay) comprised of flash-fiction, written about – and at – a conference.
  • Sticky Fingers ($5.99) by Alison Tyler
    One of my favorite explicit novels, ever. A very sexy noir-style romp through San Francisco where the main character is a jewel thief. There are many vivid, well-crafted sex scenes, spanking scenes, threesomes, orgies, and more. The private detective in the story who trails the main character is right out of a Chandler book.

  • Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us ($11.04; release is October 8) by Jesse Bering
    “You are a sexual deviant. A pervert, through and through.” We may not want to admit it, but as the award-winning columnist and psychologist Jesse Bering reveals in Perv, there is a spectrum of perversion along which we all sit. Whether it’s voyeurism, exhibitionism, or your run-of-the-mill foot fetish, we all possess a suite of sexual tastes as unique as our fingerprints—and as secret as the rest of the skeletons we’ve hidden in our closets.
  • Ashely’s New Owner ($3.99) by N.T. Morley
    Lovely young Ashley is an obedient and willing slave, owned and trained by her Master, the wealthy and powerful Rafael. An insatiable bottom with an appetite for exhibitionism, bondage and sex. Ashley fulfills her duties with great enthusiasm, enjoying everything her Master and his friends have in store. She is happy with her submissive life at fetish parties, in dungeons, and even in strangers’ bedrooms. But her Master and his’ friends have limits and Ashley has yet to feel completely fulfilled. Without warning, she is snatched from her home by a group of strange men who spirit her to a secret dungeon for the kind of working-over that Ashley has only fantasized about. Ashley has no doubt that this is some new game from her Master – but is it for her pleasure, for punishment, or some kind of “test?”
  • Best Erotic Romance 2013 ($9.99) edited by Kristina Wright
    This collection of romantic sexcapades has a killer lineup of authors – many contributors to this book are personal favorites. If you’ve ever dug a romance film or rom-com, but wanted to actually see the characters have that hot kind of rip-your-clothes sex that only people in love can do, then this diverse collection of stories will definitely satisfy you.

Don’t forget me! I have a new book!

  • Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys, 2nd Edition ($10.09) by Violet Blue
    “With a practical, sex-positive approach, she leads readers through the maze of sex toys on the market, explaining the many options available, including different materials, care and cleaning, and how to see through exaggerated marketing claims. Along the way Violet offers tips on creative usage and ideas for introducing sex toys to a relationship: how to ask your boyfriend to use the blindfold in your bedside drawer or how to surprise your wife with a saucy gift without getting your face slapped (unless that was the point).”

Want more books to choose from? Find more in some of my previous Kink Your Kindle lists:

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Don’t despair unsexy holidays: a new Kink Your Kindle post is here. Let’s get right to the hottest new lit-smut, and the season’s must-have sex books.


In this batch, expect kinky predicaments and very explicit sex, compelling stories, great writing, and exciting characters. Look for well-crafted narratives, erotic power play and no dull climaxes. I’ve had Captive in the Dark recommended to me and I’ve downloaded it but not yet read it; could be amazing or terrible considering the very controversial content. I’ll let you know…

  • Stocking Stuffers: Kinky Holiday Erotica for Couples ($3.69) by Sarah Stein and seven other authors
    Along with dirty Christmas gifts and a New Year’s public sex outing that goes off amid fireworks, there’s an erotic retelling of the classic Hanukkah legend of Judith beheading Holofernes — only this time, he’s the hot and cocky regional manager of a paper firm. Contains BDSM, threesomes, voyeurism, exhibitionism, public sex and other fun stuff.
  • Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories ($3.49) by Saskia Walker, Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, Sophia Valenti, Tenille Brown
    Five terrific authors deliver explicit stories about bisexual women and salacious bisex adventures. Excellent work.
  • Too Fast For Love: Opportunist Encounters ($1.99) by Rachel Krame Bussel and nine others
    Much like my collection last year (One Night Only), this anthology of ten well-written stories feature encounters and predicaments where the protagonists have one chance to act on a one-time, filthy opportunity… and so they do. The names in this collection alone should be enough to tell you it’s two dollars you’ll consider well spent :)
  • A Queer and Pleasant Danger ($12.99) by Kate Bornstein
    Fantastic. A stunningly original memoir of a nice Jewish boy who joined the Church of Scientology and left twelve years later, ultimately transitioning to a woman. A few years later, she stopped calling herself a woman and became famous as a gender outlaw.

  • Best Bondage Erotica 2013 ($10.68) edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and foreword by the wonderful Graydancer
    Great stories in this year’s edition, highly recommended… Editrix Rachel Kramer Bussel and her writers put it all out on the page in stories using everything from silk ties rope to shiny cuffs, blindfolds, wires and everything you can imagine and MORE. Best Bondage Erotica 2013 offers erotic insight for newbies and experienced players alike.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners (pre-order, $11.48) by Dr. Charlie Glickman and Dr. Carol Queen
    Just as G-spot exploration forever transformed women’s experience of orgasm, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners offers men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. Men who may not feel confident exploring anal play will be empowered to claim the prostate as an erogenous zone ripe for exploration.
  • All You Can Eat ($7.99) by Emma Holly
    Sex, lies and murder. Frankie Smith is having a bad day: her boyfriend has just dumped her and she’s just found a dead body behind her cafe. Still, things look up when sexy local detective, Jack West, turns up to investigate. And when a stranger turns up at the diner looking for work, Frankie soon finds herself juggling two men and an increasingly kinky sex life.
  • Transitions of the Heart ($9.99) edited by Rachel Pepper
    Sharing stories of love, struggle, and acceptance, this collection of mother’s voices, representing a diversity of backgrounds and sexual orientations, affirms the experience of those who have raised and are currently raising transgender and gender variant children between the ages of 5-50. This is the first collection to ever invite mothers of transgender and gender variant children of all ages to tell their own stories about their child’s gender transition.
    See also: The Transgender Child, a truly *great* book.

  • Magic & Desire ($9.99) by Janine Ashbless, Portia de Costa and Olivia Knight
    This exquisitely crafted three-story book is quite fantastic (and I don’t usually go for fantasy fiction). “Met by Moonlight” asks the questions Can it be possible that a handsome stranger met by moonlight is a mischievous fairy out to sample a taste of human love and passion? In “The House of Dust” the king is dead, but the queen cannot grieve until she’s had vengeance. She must descend into and brave the Underworld in order to bring her lover back from the dead. Lastly, “The Dragon Lord” takes place in the misty marshlands of Navarone, where the princess is about to be married. Her parents desperately hope this will cure her of the problem that they have fought to keep secret for years—her tendency to play with fire.

New stuff from me, which I haven’t really mentioned as much as I should have this year, yet where I’ve gotten to work with and feature incredible sex writers – they blend fine lit and hardcore sex like one one else:

  • Lips Like Sugar 2nd Edition ($9.99) edited by Violet Blue
    The stories in this volume, written by both veterans and new voices, feature women on top, bottom, and everyplace in between. Running the gamut from sweet to scintillating to downright raw, they cover just about every conceivable sexual scenario. Debra Hyde’s “Accidental Exhibitionist” explores the thoughts of corseted slavegirl Cara as she models her new fetish gear and services her master in public. Teresa Lamai’s “Idyll” finds poetry and passion in a scorching three-way set in Croatia. And Carolina John’s “The 9:30 to Edinburgh” shows just how accommodating a British train compartment can be to a group of sexually charged strangers.
  • Best Women’s Erotica 2013 ($10.68) by Violet Blue
    The best stories I could find: eighteen tales of hot sex. The shy, redheaded heroine of Valerie Alexander’s “Night School” explores her very kinky desires with an unlikely submissive while working at a small-town hotel. In Krissy Kneen’s “Susanna,” a virgin enjoys her first taste of lust and learns that the true language of love has very little to do with words. A burly mechanic rescues the Assistant D.A. and her broken-down car but makes her ear the favor in Jenny Lyn’s “The Tow Job.”
  • The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot 2nd Edition ($11.09 – no Kindle version yet, wtf) by Violet Blue
    Beginning with an anatomical guide and incorporating suggestions for couple-play, positions, toys, and safer sex, The Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot will lead to thrilling new sensations and earth-shaking, bed-breaking, gale force climaxes. Introduction by fabulous author and Scientific American writer, Jesse Bering.

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Every so often I collect and share a Kink Your Kindle post. I’ve worked with hundreds of erotic writers over the past ten years (and won a few awards doing so), so you can count on excellence in each of the Kink Your Kindle selections. You can also count on hot. literate, smart smut.


Great stories, superlative writing, characters you can sink your teeth into, and kinky persuasions feature heavily in this installment. Look for great sci-fi, power exchange scenarios and plenty of delicious character-driven conflict.

  • Someone Else’s Skin ($2.99) by Elizabeth Coldwell
    When Annie Harrison is hypnotised for an article she’s writing, she finds herself in the body of Jai Galloway, a 23rd-century eco activist who plans to go back in time and save the earth’s atmosphere from being destroyed. Loving what her new body can do, Annie is soon living two existences – one with her kinky musician boyfriend and one in the future, where she learns all the tricks of sex as a man. But the more time she spends in Jai’s body, the more threat she faces of being trapped there forever.
  • Double Take ($5.99) by Alyssa Turner
    In post apocalyptic New York, Shannon Morris has one job to do: find the secrets everyone wants to hide from the all-powerful Eaglecorp. From her appointed perch high above the underclass, she would never have guessed she’d become a rebel sympathizer, or fall for two men at the same time – twins.
  • Crimes of Passion – When Lust Breaks The Law ($4.99) edited by Miranda Forbes
    Thieves, con artists, criminal masterminds… the characters in this great collection have desires which drive them to break all the rules, from careful shoplifters and wicked blackmailers, to rogue cops and master villains who use sex as a weapon.

N.T. Morley is a superbly talented writer and editor that I’ve worked with for years who has just released a slew of kinky collections. N.T. never, ever disappoints with quality – or dirty deeds. Find more at the brand new Deception Press website.

  • Double Vision: Hot Erotic Stories of Bi Men Who Share ($3.69) edited by N.T. Morley
    These hot stories peek into the lives of boyfriends sharing a co-worker, a sexy co-ed looking for two men as interested in each other as they are her, a straight guy turning bi while his girlfriend watches, and lots more.
  • Packing Heat: Femdom Strap-on Stories ($3.69) edited by N.T. Morley
    This anthology includes strap-on anal sex, Female Domination, male submission, cross-dressing, oral sex, erotic denial and other forms of bondage, domination, submission, sadism and masochism. I’ll add that this has some rough stuff in it – and “Old Friends” by Dexter Cunningham is a personal favorite of mine. I’d love to read it for Open Source Sex, but it might be too extreme for my listeners :)
  • Mistress Mia’s New Boyfriend: A Tale of Bisexual Male Slavery ($2.99) by N.T. Morley
    When Mistress Mia summons Her slave Gary to Her apartment one night, he discovers her on the couch, making out with handsome he-man Trevor. He was fully prepared for the “mostly-lesbian” Mia to eventually find a new girlfriend he’d have to serve…but a boyfriend? Gary is informed that Trevor and Mistress Mia are dating – and as Mistress Mia’s slave, he’s expected to drop to his knees and suck the new boyfriend’s cock. The oh-so-straight Gary has spent six months being “trained” by Mistress Mia, including extensive strap-on service. Will Gary be a man and serve cock the way Mistress Mia demands?

I’m so happy to see these new collections: three of my all-time favorite erotic authors now have ‘best-of’ books, so you can taste their talents across a spectrum of scenarios, predicaments and sexual adventures. Truly, these three writers have produced stories that have sometimes left me spinning for days afterward. Do check them out:

  • Thinking Nasty Thoughts ($7.99) by Jesse Chapa Jones
    After the global financial meltdown, Jeremy has lost his job, his wife, and his self-respect. His libido – and his rage – are getting the better of him. To top it off, he’s starting to imagine he’s being tracked by a beautiful ostrich with a message. Cherry is a bank employee who is frustrated with her stuffy life and even stuffier boyfriend… Add a big red vibrator to the mix and several twists of fate, and the adventure begins. Kudos to Jones on her great – first – self-published novel.
  • 69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire ($6.39) edited by Alison Tyler
    (Disclosure: I wrote the introduction to this book.) In this delightfully dirty collection, Alison Tyler has gathered the crème de la crème of erotic fiction authors to pen sixty-nine brief romps – among them, Donna George Storey, Thomas S. Roche, John Albert, Kristina Lloyd, Justine Elyot and Jeremy Edwards. Each story delivers – from a woman whose boyfriend has a proclivity for old-fashioned lingerie to a British paparazzi who gets too close to his target, to a distracted writer who needs some special motivation to stay on deadline.

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Sick of hearing about 50 Shades? Me too. Want a list of good sexed-up summer reading that is from someone that isn’t impressed by 50 Shades? Me too.

I just spent months reading erotica manuscripts (new and upcoming releases) So this, I can do.

The thing is, everyone knows that the theme of 50 Shades is super-hot, but the writing, character development and sex scenes are a total letdown. And there’s too little variety in the power exchange… Meanwhile, romance publisher Mills & Boon is challenging Fifty Shades of Grey with a new – and hot – line of explicit erotic digital titles called 12 Shades of Surrender. The 12 digital-only short novels average 50 pages and feature some favorite writers (many of whom I’ve published in the litporn series Best Women’s Erotica).

(Also: holy awesome – my favorite Best Women’s Erotica is only $1.99 on Kindle right now! Get it!)

So, here are a few handpicked highlights from Mills & Boon’s 12 Shades and other collections that do what we hoped 50 Shades would deliver – and more. If sexual power exchange isn’t exactly what you’re in the mood for, skip to the middle of this post.

  • Going Down (by Saskia Walker)
    From their initial encounter in their building’s antique elevator, Armande Lazare makes Jennifer feel unexpectedly aroused by the way he takes control. But as much as this new desire unnerves Jennifer, she’s even more eager to explore the handsome stranger’s kinky fantasies.
  • Chance of a Lifetime (by Portia Da Costa)
    The videotape shocked and thrilled her…and really turned her on. She’d found it in a small, out-of-the-way sitting room of Blaystock Manor, where she was working. Now everyone was away and she finally had an opportunity to watch at her leisure. There on the screen was the Marquis, her much fantasized-about boss, administering a very sexy spanking to some girl.
  • Cuffing Kate (by Alison Tyler)
    When Kate’s roommate ditches Jules Rodriguez for asking her to do something “kinky”, she’s eager to know what he wants. Jules has always looked like a man Kate could share her fantasies with…fantasies about dominance and submission that no one else has discovered. Can Kate make him realize that she’s his perfect bedmate?
  • She’s In Charge: Adventures in Female Domination (edited by N.T. Morley)
    A pixyish Mistress packs a strap-on for her male submissive; a loving couple succumbs to the same FemDom. She’s in Charge offers some seriously delicious stories of female dominants and the male – and female – submissives that live to serve her. An exciting read if you are a Dom, a sub, or just taking a peek at other people’s kinks.
  • Open For Business: Tales of Office Sex (edited by Alison Tyler)
    In more than 20 explicit stories by superstar erotic authors, naughty secretaries are firmly spanked, to cold callers who hook up with Dominatrixes, to temps finding the men of their dreams washing more than their windows, the restrictions on employee dating are wantonly and willfully broken. Highly recommended.

New litporn titles I’ve read and absolutely love – these are highly recommended:

  • Double Vision: Hot Erotic Stories of Bi Men Who Share (edited by N.T. Morley)
    The five short stories in Double Vision put you front row, center to experience the sex encounters of bisexual men that love women – and love to share them. These hot stories peek into the lives of boyfriends sharing a co-worker, a sexy co-ed looking for two men as interested in each other as they are her, a straight guy turning bi while his girlfriend watches, and more.
  • No Strings Attached: Stories of Anonymous Sex & One Nights Stands (edited by N.T. Morley)
    In six explicit tales, No Strings Attached brings you into encounters of nameless lovers and one night stands. Everything from a waitress who has a night of pleasure with her biker customer to lovers sinfully selecting a lover from a collection of private pictures is featured: No Strings Attached offers some of the best in edgy NSA sex.
  • Taste It (by Sommer Marsden)
    Jill and Cole are competing for the title of Best Chef – and the reviews agree with my assessment of this wonderfully romantic, yet occasionally hardcore story, where I found I loved the characters and rooted for them both to win as much as I wanted them to rip each other’s clothes off. Marsden is a masterful author, and it’s nice to see male characters that remind me of (sexy, flawed, hot) men in my life. Not boys – men.
  • Unreviewed, likely super hot: Alison Tyler edited a new collection and it’s out a few days early. Three Way promises to be all about threesomes, and Tyler understands the true meaning of bisexuality.

Finally, a new one from me:

Maid Service by Jan Darby. Picture this: It’s your third night on the job tidying rooms in a hotel and you find yourself giving “the best maid service” someone’s ever had.

Whore by D.L. King. This is by far my favorite story in the collection. It proves that a sexy red dress can make or break you.

If you didn’t find the kind of hot summer smut you were looking for in this post, check out a myriad of even more litporn suggestions in these other Kink Your Kindle posts:

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The Top 12 Sex Books of 2011

30 December 2011
2011 was a busy year for sex books, and possibly the biggest one yet. The big print publishers that actually *do* produce sex books been stepping up their game, and so have the indies - add to this the self-publishing revolution, something like we've never seen in history thanks to […]
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Kink Your Kindle: New Sex and Erotica Kindle Books

11 November 2011
The Kink Your Kindle feature is my hotlist of sexuality and explicit erotica books that are available for Kindle - and this edition is inspired by some really hot new books - and formerly hard-to-find sex books new to Kindle - that I think you'll really like. First, a shameless plug! […]
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Kink Your Kindle: Selected Explicit Novels

27 February 2011
As much as I devour Jon Krakauer books and period noir, I'll confess that I love explicit erotic novels: I know that statement reeks of "Harlequin romance" but hear me out. There is something really engrossing and arousing about sinking into a book that makes your attention compete between an […]
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This Year’s Top Hot Sex Books for Gifting, Coveting

26 November 2010
You are looking at the Violet Blue / TinyNibbles Hot Sex Book Gift Guide 2010. Don't miss the 2010 hottest toys and sexy gift guide, Cyber(Sex) Monday: Top Sex Toys to Give and Get. I look at dozens and dozens of sex books all year; authors and publishers send them to […]
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Updates, and a Digita Publications Author Spotlight: Alison Tyler

27 September 2010
I haven't been offline; I've been really, really busy getting my empire in order! As you know, I've re-launched Techyum (with new writers, and we're looking for guests), this blog is getting souped up, VBSF (Violet Blue's San Francisco, my randomness) is back, and Art Machines is now set for […]
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Kink Up Your Kindle: Now For Android

28 June 2010
With the great news that the Amazon Kindle is now cheaper and that it's now available for Android FREE, I updated my VB List: Favorite Things widget to be a Kink Your Kindle feature. It's a great excuse for me to showcase more sex books for the Kindle, and especially […]
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Explicit Erotica by Top Erotic Authors

26 February 2008
Enjoy this curated collection of explicit literate erotica. I'm an award-winning erotica editor; I hope you enjoy reading and listening to the explicit erotica featured on this regularly updated page; free sample stories from my books (audio) begin halfway down this page.. If you like my taste in the genre's offerings […]
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