More vaccum-sealed couples in Flesh Love Returns

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You may remember this 2012 post, featuring the remarkable photography of Japanese artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi (Photographer Hal), called Flesh Love. For that series, he sought out over 80 in-love couples of varying sexual orientations at parties and clubs in Tokyo and convinced them to come back to his studio — where he’d photograph them in giant, airless and skin-tight see-through vacuum bags.

Now Photographer Hal is back with his development of that work in Love Returns Flesh/Flesh Love Returns. Rather than slicking the couples up in lube and shooting them on his kitchen floor, the new series captures the shrink-wrapped lovers in their favorite places: Locations that have intimate and powerful, private memories for them.

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Make sure you check out his entire online portfolio, it’s breathtaking. He also has an iPad app. Photographer Hal’s book featuring the first Flesh Love series came out in 2011. His 2014 book ZATSURAN featured lovers vacuum-packed with their most prized possessions. He said, “To be vacuum-packed and adhered to one another is a new way of illustrating the couple’s love. While extracting the air, the belongings’ positions shift unpredictably and the result can be unexpected. This appearance seems chaotic at first, but there is an inevitability and order, like the structure of the natural world. Naturally arranged subject matter shows the couple in their true form.”

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Via feature shoot.

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