Flesh Love is Fresh Love: Vaccu-packed couples by Haruhiko ‘Hal’ Kawaguchi

This art project has been circulating on art blogs for a few months, but you may find it as intriguing as I did when I stumbled across it a few days ago. Flesh Love (aka Fresh Love) was conceived and midwifed by Japanese artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi (Hal).

Kawaguchi finds in-love couples of varying sexual orientations at parties and clubs in Tokyo and convinces them to come back to his studio where he photographs them in giant, airless and skin-tight see-through vacuum bags.

His gallery – with tons of these incredible photos – is here.

Once the couples are wearing what they choose – sometimes nothing – and positioned inside the bag, the air is removed and Kawaguchi has 15-20 seconds to photograph them. He told S Magazine, “Men are more likely to panic than women.” Kawaguchi says, “One man urinated in his pants with fear. Women are more concentrated on their looks.” Kawaguchi has photographed over 80 couples for the project.

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