Elf booty booty booty: Art by Kieran Thompson

While compiling these posts I’m scrolling through the timelines of artists with established followings and communities who found themselves suddenly kicked off Tumblr, and scrambling for a new home. Kieran Thompson is one of those artists, and through them we can see what’s not working … Case in point: Like you probably did, I saw PornHub put out an open call to Tumblr refugees as a new home. Unfortunately, that has turned out exactly as some of us thought it might — unwanted erectile dysfunction ads, the site forcing trans accounts into the “straight sex” category when they’re not …

Don’t let that distract you too much from the art of Kieran Thompson. Quick links:

Kieran Thompson is an erotic cartoonist who likes to “draw and write fantasy comics featuring mostly LGBTQ+ casts. I like to think of them as stories featuring queer people without being stories that are mainly about being queer.” I especially like that his Weenie Mobile account specifies “gay elves and monster dick” — seriously, what’s not to love?

The Raleigh, North Carolina artist describes himself as a “gay trans comics guy, not necessarily in that order.” But I’ll also add that he’s a sculptor of tasty, tasty elf butts and truly joyful erotic comic characters who remind me that art is for exploring the limitless possibilities of sexy fun. Consider me a fan.

Also: Thompson’s $5 level on Patreon gets you mailed a new sticker mailed to you every month, while only $20 a month gets a sketch request. It’s nice when being horny is affordable :)

You can support this ongoing artist feature series on my Patreon. There are so many former-Tumblr artists I’m going to be featuring, and I really hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am.

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