Rammstein box set (no pun intended)

A number of blogs are (lightly, frighteningly) covering the upcoming release of German metal band Rammstein‘s deluxe box set for their new, er, releases. You’ll remember when I recently posted their new music video “Pussy” which is not just the most graphic music video I’ve ever seen, but also truly hilarious in both lyrics, emphasis and message. And if you looked close enough (if you dared) you could see that it was not actually the band members in the sex scenes, but — spoiler alert — their faces were CGI’d into the bump and grind segments. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see Rammstein’s collective penii anyway.


The Rammstein Deluxe Box Set for “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” (someone please give me a correct translation; each blog seems to have its own) has got to be the most outrageous Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift any metal chick would ever unwrap. Allegedly casts of the band member’s members, the collection contains six pink jelly dildos, lube of dubious origin and handcuffs that I’m sure are not standard police issue. Seems to me like a setup for an evening comprised of: 1 life-sized Rammstein poster, a lot of beer, 6 very rowdy friends and a game of “pin the dildo on the metalhead.” It’s just too bad they didn’t get their replicas made with hygienic silicone for dicks that will stand the test of time and be made of materials as high grade as the band’s fine music.

So far no one has linked to the box set because it’s unreleased, even though the bloggers tell us it was released on October 20. The CD was. Not the box set. But guess what? I found a pre-order link on Amazon UK:

The Rammstein Deluxe Box Set for “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” (amazon.co.uk, release date Dec. 14, gift wrap available)

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  1. I think Wikipedia’s translation is probably the most accurate:
    Love Is There For Everyone

    I’d hate to see the price of the box set if it was done in high quality silicone. Regardless, Rammstein’s got a great sense of humor and a desire to shock. They’ve done a reasonable job combining those with their music to market this album.

  2. “Liebe is für alle da” means “Love’s for everybody” in he sense that love fits everybody (even the most spoiled of us ;)) and that there is (more than) enough for everyone of you. In a way, one could also say: Love is open source :))

    Greetings from Germany, and Hell! I luv your blog :)


  3. To clarify, “Everything for love is there” would be “Alles fuer Liebe ist da”. Same words, different order. “Alle” here is the equivalent to the way we use “all” (e.g. “Liberty and justice for all”). “Da” is there more for flavor than it is for actual meaning.

  4. liebe = love
    ist = is
    fur = for (there’s actually an umlaut over the “u” – without the umlaut, the proper spelling would be “fuer”)
    alle = everything
    da = there

    so the literal translation is “love is for everything there”
    take syntax in to account: “everything for love is there”

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