[Video] The Boxer Rebellion: The Runner

by Violet Blue on January 23, 2013


This video (Hannah May and Andrea Chovanova) is gorgeous and sexy, but not exempt from emotional grittiness – I really love it, but wanted to warn you that it’s got a jagged ending. The creators – who made that sexy Renault ad I liked last year – explain,

UK directing duo marc & ish created this film with The Boxer Rebellion. They gave us the track and we took the idea of honesty from the lyrics and created a narrative that would be both completely surprising and utterly compelling. We wanted to make a something that was seriously playful and naughty, but also might be profound, raw and honest.

Two “it” girls come home from a party and we compress 24 hours of a drunken roller-coaster of highs and lows, passion and heartache into 4 minutes. We wanted to explore a frenzied relationship, present the viewer with something that might be seen at first glance as controversial or sensational, but break through this…. break through the fashionista styling, photo-shoot imagery, the beauty, the sexuality, the crazy night out… and try and find an intimate humanity that is shockingly real.

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1 Steve Glen January 25, 2013 at 12:45 am

MARC & ISH absolutely nailed what they set out to do. This is art.

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