Left’s ‘The Force Awakens’ nude cover by Paul Oberle

Paul Oberle

Right now in various locations around SF, you can find free copies of glossy local gay club guide, Left. The cover (original photo above) was great enough for me to bring a copy home and track down both the art and the artist featured on the cover, discovering a new magazine I really like in the process.

That artist is Paul Oberle, whose sexy nude Leia is unnamed in the original photo. His entire Star Wars themed set is here. He previously featured it with even more photos on his blog, DC Discombobulated, in a post titled Star Wars: Macros and Models.

Paul Oberle 02

Paul Oberle 03

On a side note, I really wish Flickr would fix their photo view. It makes great photos look too tiny and unforgivably unflattering. But Flickr’s users really don’t matter, do we? My account is almost a decade old (12,215 photos, 9,934,844 views) yet the last contact I had from Flickr was a non-contestable warning that I would have my account deleted without notice at its discretion — all because I linked to Tiny Nibbles in my bio. Now that links and website content are starting to be considered the arena of free speech protections … I think policies like this are looking as dated as they are problematic for companies like Yahoo (who really doesn’t need more of either category).

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