Roy Stuart returns with new book ‘Glympstorys’

French erotic photographer and filmmaker Roy Stuart is one of my all-time favorites, ever. For well over a decade, no single erotic photographer has consistently produced work that is gorgeous, reliably arousing, and even though not always to my exact tastes, constantly inspires my fantasy-seeking-lizard-brain to try on new views of eros.

By stumbling across this interview with Stuart in C-Heads Magazine, I found out today that Mr. Stuart has a new book — Glympstorys ($42.42). I have to add it to my collection as soon as I can, because I think I own every book he’s ever made (or been in), and this one won’t disappoint me. You can find the book’s promo .pdf and more sample images here.

Stuart explains in the C-Heads interview,

It has been 5 years since your last book was published. Do you feel that this new book is a further development of you after those years?

Yes, now with this new publisher it is possible to advance the discovery that women can be beautiful as they are, gone are all useless female adornments like high heels, stockings, excessive make-up, we can finally see females as if they stepped out of a dream but there is also the warning to men to be careful because female sexuality is much superior to men’s and coupled with romantic love, thoroughly capable of transporting you onto other fabulous dimensions, it is very strong medicine, it can destroy you.

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