Beautiful filth: Videos of Kim, Vex and Owen by Four Chambered Heart

proximity : owen & vex (tease) from Four Chambers on Vimeo.

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the work of Four Chambered Heart (Four Chambers), then you’re in for a treat. This is porn unlike any other. If you’re like me and already a fan, you’ll love these two recent short teaser videos. What is really remarkable about these teasers – aside from the chemistry, filthiness and superb cinematography – is the fact that both videos would not violate most adult content prohibitions (which is a topic necessary to explore when ‘no porn’ is invoked to censor content*). The videos in this post are technically SFW.

This is one of the ways indie porn looks in the Internet era. This is not ‘mainstream’ porn, it is not part of the porn industry, and it is important – and not alone. This is part of the actual, wider world of porn; it is ignored by both the mainstream porn industry and anti-porn pundits alike. And it is awesome.

In Proximity: Owen and Vex (teaser; above) a very sexy couple fucks each other so hotly it’s impossible not to get a little turned on – while feeling both inspired and envious. The video in this post is a teaser, and you can see the full version by donating to the indie porn innovators at Four Chambered Heart here.

Proximity features Owen Gray and Vex Ashley, and the music is by Sorrows – ‘Paramount’ – from their Art Is Dead E.P.

In Exchange: Kim and Vex (teaser; below), two beautiful girls exchange a fluid. It’s ridiculously hot.

Exchange features Kim Lucille and Vex, with the song About You by XXYYXX.

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* One of my goals is to someday establish the difference between ‘content that is inappropriate for some viewers’ and ‘things the person or people in power simply doesn’t like.’ This would help eliminate many kinds of discrimination.

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  1. The older I get, and consequently to the more porn I watch, the harder it becomes to find something so breathtaking as this. It’s porn, it’s art, and erotic as hell…

    Once again, Violet, you’ve outdone yourself.


  2. I agree, it’s very sexy, with the music track, the vocalisations, the implied action, it’s very arousing. But that’s the thing, it’s arousing, while it doesn’t Show sex, it Heavily implies it. If someone walked past your cubicle and heard that playing, they’d assume you were watching a porno.

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