Whimsical naughty comic superheroes by Pixel Mixer

Batman's Rage by Pixel Mixer

This is the art of Pixel Mixer, aka Eugen Schmidt. At the moment, the Russian artist is having their stuff reblogged in all the usual source-credit-outside-our-business-plan-is-for-suckers places (Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) – and it’s an exercise in frustration to find information about them, or more info about their work. Can I also add that it doesn’t help that Google Search has gone to absolute shit over the past year? I’m soooo tired of gaming *against* Google to get accurate global results… No Google, I didn’t “mean” that…

Anyway. I found Pixel Mixer on a Comics Alliance roundup. Pixel Mixer’s Blogspot blog hasn’t been updated in a while (I’ve been trying to find recent work, or any portfolio links for the past hour), although I think you’ll really enjoy what the artist has been posting over time. There are lots of playful sexy shenanigans to be found; I most especially enjoy the fierce and curvy cat- and bat-girls.

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