Super 8, and more beauty from photographer Kiril Stanoev

photo by Kiril Stanoev

I found the Super 8 photo set by Kiril Stanoev on Design You Trust (one of my favorite blogs), and followed breadcrumbs until I found a collection of their photos on the 500px Kiril Stanoev page. The website has a frustrating way of displaying content (especially erotic), but right now I can’t get to Stanoev’s own site, which should be at The Sofia,Bulgaria located photographer hails from the Lomnitza peasant village, and does “photography, fine art, chalk paints, some kind of clay skulptures, sand castles and all forms of amateur arts.” I really like his retro style, and especially that Super 8 reminds me of Bond films of a bygone era, when they weren’t afraid of eroticizing the female body up to the limit (and portraying the eroticized women just as equally up-to-the-limit dangerous). I’m really missing that era lately.

The model above is model Hristina Tusheva.

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