Big boobs and badass babes: Art by The Ultra Fem

Lisa M. Hayes has been making outrageous big-boob (almost crosses into BE*), strong-woman and fantasy character art and commissions as The Ultra Fem since 2005. I only just discovered Ultra Fem’s whimsical – explicit fetish – art world when a thoughtful friend sent me this link to Erin Esurance In Bondage. In Hayes’ archives you’ll find a range of female characters, hardcore scenarios such as Red She-Hulk x Lana Kane, and plenty of horny ‘futas’ (futa; from futanari -hentai- meaning combined male and female traits, fetish instance specific here for hyoooge boobs and gigantic cocks; also note that some consider futa a respectful reference instance use word for the dated, oft-insulting, yet still widely used term ‘she-male’). Like in this Mass Effect Futa Threesome.

You can find more Ultra Fem work at Hentai Foundry, Hayes has released her 2013 calendar and has a ton of her expertly executed and very specific fetish art in her store. She stopped doing commissions – except when she is doing live drawing art shows at her Ultra Fem Draws (Lisa’s Live Art Show) Tumblr (although it looks like she needs help finding a reliable vendor).

* BE = breast expansion fetish, it’s been around for ages. Overflowing Bra and BE Archive are well-known examples.

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