[Video] Panda Sexpress by Steve Diet Goedde

I was so amused by the tweet below by my dear, longtime friend Steve Diet Goedde that I had to share the video with you – and I want to encourage you, of course, to follow him if it makes sense for you to do so :)

The song is “Louisiana” by Duke Ellington.

The follower thing has always been so weird. People get so emotional about it, and companies try to measure it. I’ve loved meeting so many new friends through it, but I’ve seen a lot of people do lame, even terrible things with what they think is a power they’ve been somehow been bestowed by entitlement. I’ve also had people get really mad at me for not doing what they think I should. And though the news stories about fake-like rackets are relatively recent, I can tell you that since the first person with the title of “Social Media Manager” hit the socials, followers and likes have been gamed to fuck and back, and most definitely for sale if you know where to look. So I don’t worry about it too much, and cherish the real connections I get to make through the medium. And I’ve always believed this:

It’s not how many. It’s who.

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  1. Entertaining video, and I’ve been saying the same thing for as long as I can remember. I don’t count my success or failure as an online entertainment source by the number of followers I have, but by the number of real contacts and friendships I develop through online communications.


  2. I agree that the number of followers one amounts is insignificant compared to the quality of one’s network, yet people still seem to carry value and credibility by amassing high numbers. I think having a good range of both is ideal, especially in the adult industry where it’s difficult to be seen as credible.

    I love the video, i just wish I could see who is behind the panda.

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