On Fstoppers – Insert Here: Artistic Portraits of Anal Toys

By way of Twitter comes Insert Here: Sensual and Artistic Portraits of Sex Toys, a post on the website for camera and photo fetishists, Fstoppers. Every post I’ve found on this series calls it photos of dildos, but every one of the toys in this series was *originally* designed for a different destination, my friends. The lesson here? Don’t send a shutterbug out to buy your dildos.

The stunning shots of glass butt plugs and silicone anal toys and more come from photographer Sam Kaplan’s series as seen on his website, Insert Here.

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  • Justin

    Also I would have designed it with a longer handle

  • Justin

    The triple-headed one looks interesting, but surely the main shaft should be curved a bit towards the arm that’s supposed to stimulate the clitorus?