Support Corwin Prescott’s amazing project: 50 Models 50 States

I think Corwin Prescott’s Kickstarter fundraising video (above) has to be one of the most touching and heartfelt Kickstarter videos I’ve ever seen. I’ve featured Prescott’s lovely erotic art here before, and this hopeful project he’s raising funds for – 50 Models 50 States – looks to be just as fun to follow along with as it will have a fascinating result.

Corwin Prescott lives and breathes traveling across America and taking tasteful sexy photos of beautiful girls of all shapes and sizes, in the places that make them feel the most beautiful in their bodies. He is also a favorite Zivity photographer. Now he wants to raise a very modest sum ($15K) to bankroll documenting doing this in every American state, with gallery showings at the finish. I’d love to see this as a book.

I’m cheering for Prescott to make this happen. And hopefully Kickstarter won’t censor him, as they seem to like to randomly do.

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  • Ashley

    Apparently my friend was close friends with him in high school. Small world. Thanks for sharing! Great photographer. Great project.

  • Miceh

    Cheers to affiming life, and here’s to at least spiritually supporting Corwin – GO!