Photography by Mark Maggior – The Erotic Telephone

I don’t know a lot about photographer Mark Maggior, except that he has his collection precariously placed on a Blogger blog, he has a Tumblr he doesn’t use much (where his photoblogging would be much safer from sudden deletion), and his remarkable photos feature timeless scenes from around the world, comprised largely of beautiful women in bed with phones.

He paints, films, photos and has several amazing, original photoblogs in various flavors – and one non-original but very hot photoblog of his visual erotic references and inspiration, A Woman Secret Afternoon. Not mobile phones, but those good, old-fashioned, two-piece telephones that bring out the nostalgia in many a phone phreak and retro fetishist alike. He’s also got a lot of gorgeous non-erotic images of compelling people from Israel to Cuba to Paris, and more.

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  • Love these erotic photographs – inspirational. Thank you for sharing :-)