Photography by Julian Humphries

Last night a friend and I were passing links to pictures of hot tattooed girls to one another (like this), and while doing so it occurred to me that it was my responsibility to share my newest discovery from the lot: Photography by Julian Humphries.

Now, Humphries isn’t new on the scene; a little investigation and it’s easy to see he’s been shooting gorgeous photos – usually of gorgeous girls – for quite a while now and is well established across many social media venues. I found Humphries on Facebook, and Google+. Eye-candier destinations of his include the Julian Humphries website and Red Rogue Studio, his hot Flickr (sign-in and safe-filter-removal required), and he has two Tumblrs: this one is his digital photography, while this one showcases his polaroids. I love his work (and I really want this girl’s dress). Enjoy exploring his beautiful work, as I sure have.

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