[Video] Alyssa in Vertical HD by Miles Reis

The vertical format is just spectacular, but so is the growing body of work by erotic photographer and cinematographer Miles Reis. This is one artist I’m going to love watching evolve and expand, while hoping that Reis makes more like this for years to come. I see the that Miles Reis Twitter profile is still kitten-fresh, and so are his web properties – and while they leave me meowing ‘more!’ I highly recommend that you visit his website or his Tumblr. The above video (and his Erotica Showreel) recently made a few rounds on popular Tumblogs such as Art or Porn: You Decide though I discovered Reis’ work by way of the delightful Library Vixen.

Also, feel free to join me in crushing on the video’s star, Penthouse model Alyssa Reece.

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  • I just saw this and I have to admit you are making me blush :))) “kitten-fresh” is spot-on not just about my twitter but my work in general. I’d love to pick your brain about that “evolving and expanding” part but I couldn’t find your email so I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send me one :) Thanks for the blog post!

  • that is a cool way to shoot the video