[Video] The Most Erotic Bicycle Video Ever Made (Любовь к велосипеду)

Bicycle fetishists – and those who didn’t know they might be bicyclophiles – rise up.

Yes, I mean it like that. And I just made up bicyclophiles. This video is by Entropy, called Любовь к велосипеду (bicycle strip), and you should send it to every bicycle fiend you know because it’s that fun. It also shows that:

  • Bicycles and bike-babe clits go together like hot dogs and bagels.
  • Eraser nipples are king. Bow down.
  • I need a bicycle.
  • I might also need to get out more.
  • Videos – IMO the most dangerous art – are best when they are uncensored and dubious in legality.
  • The only things worth having in life are stolen. Like moments.

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  1. Thanks Derwoody, the confusion is the usual “divided by a common language” for the UK/USA. We don’t call them “erasers” in the UK (although the term is making inroads), they’re called “rubbers” because they rub out things written with a pencil. To add to the confusion our pencils aren’t numbered either, we us the H HB B scale (see wikipedia article on pencil hardness).

  2. Eraser nipples. As in “what’s on top of that No 2 pencil”. It’s pink. It stands up. Got that?
    The tire pump may have been a tad over the top, but who’s complaining.

  3. Seriously hot bike video Violet, thankyou for finding this for us. It’s amazing how much more of a turn on this is than much more explicit stuff.

    One thing, what are “Eraser nipples”? It’s not a term I’m familiar with in the UK. Yes she’s got great nipples, but it’s not clear to me what they’re erasing (unless laser beams shoot out of them Flash Gordon style in a different cut of the video?).

  4. The first visual that popped into my mind (besides the bike & the model) was the poster of ‘fat bottomed girls on bicycles’ that came with Queen’s album ‘Jazz’ that had the tunes “fat bottomed girls’& ‘bicycle races’ on it. The poster was probably on the office wall of every record shop at the time-definitely not safe for public view at the time. Although, the model here is more cycle-bottomed than ‘fat-bottomed’.

  5. Hah, this reminds me of the bike porn showing i went to last year in a theater in boston- i think they are up to their 4th “movie” (it’s really a compilation of bike porn, from humorous to seriously sexy). They should add this one to their collection!

  6. However the seat is too tall for the lass, but the frame seems about right. If you want bike advice get in touch with the Critical Mass folks in SF. I bet one of them could really help you get the best fitting bike.And let me tell you biking and sex just go so together. Nice gloves. There’s a shop up here in Corvallis OR called Cyclotopia, best bike shop ever. I’ll have to let them know about this video as well as my bike coop and the Bike4Peace folks too.

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