Dave McKean and Fantagraphics: Explicit Graphic Novel “Celluloid”

mckean celluloidI was delighted to find out that Dave McKean has a new graphic novel coming out – I’m a fan from the long-ago Arkham Asylum days. His new work, I’m pleased to report, is erotic! I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on a copy. Some of you may remember I was sent exclusives from Alan Moore’s Lost Girls and a Lost Girls galley a few years back… This will go in that realm of “must collect” for certain. Here’s a snip from a great interview about the new work, including his erotic art influences – apparently his original plan was to release it anonymously:

(…) None of which has stopped Dave McKean from releasing his latest creation. The artist (“Arkham Asylum”), author (“Cages”), filmmaker (“Mirrormask”), musician and graphic designer, best known perhaps for his work with Neil Gaiman (“Violent Cases,” “Mr. Punch,” “Black Orchid” and various “Sandman covers), is about to publish — through Fantagraphics – “Celluoid,” a wordless tale about a young woman who, through the viewing of a movie, enters a sexual fantasy world and moves from voyeur to participant.

CBR News spoke with McKean about the challenges he faced in putting this book together – his first solo graphic novel since “Cages” – and the problems/challenges he faced in dealing with sexually explicit material. (… McKean Draws A Sexy “Celluloid”, comicbookresources.com)

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