[Video] Shot and Edited Entirely on iPhone 4: Erotic Pole Dance

I know it’s time for Spring 2011 collections, but somehow I missed this the first time around. For designer Beatrix Ong’s Winter 2010 collection, Director Mark Jubber of BAMN shot and edited this film entirely on his iPhone 4. It’s not explicit, but it is highly erotic so I think it’s worth your eyes; it stars World Pole Dancing Champion Elena Gibson in her London studio wearing the designer’s styles, including a pair of seriously drool-worthy shoes. (Here’s the designer’s site; I could not get the media to load – ever.)

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  • AnthonyA

    Indeed, it’s sometimes surprising how well a production like this, with “consumer” grade equipment, can turn out. Well done, though I would have increased the lighting a touch, myself. It’s difficult to see any of the fashions, other than the shoes, but I suppose it’s worth it, to set an entirely different vibe than the usual run-way extravaganza.

  • Daniel

    This post complements a web interview you did a short time ago about the role of user produced yet quality imagery in media and story. It’s getting more common, but still rather amazing what’s created with afforable gear and, of course, a little talent as the subject of the lens. The world from your video eye is always appreciated.