Nobuyoshi Araki’s “PaINtings” Zurich Show (Ends January 29)

Nobuyoshi Araki PaINtings

Many people will recognize Nobuyoshi Araki’s name as the photographer behind the iconic book Tokyo Lucky Hole, an artistic work that exploded (then-modern) Japanese imaginings about Tokyo sex work, hedonism, sex art and sexuality into Western consciousness in a way that changed a lot of us forever. Thank you, Taschen.

Araki is still making art.

In Zurich, Switzerland, a show of his newest work – acrylic painting and black-and-white photography – is at Galerie Bob van Osrouw in Zurich. Flavorpill posted about it, but they took all the paintings and put them on individual pages so readers are tricked into delivering at least 10 pageviews to see them all – having clearly taken them from the gallery’s own page featuring them all. Hilarious strategy. They also said that Araki’s show sets feminism back 100 years – a sentiment that is so clueless about NSFW readers, modern feminism and sex-judgement that those bitches don’t even get a link.

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