Art by Robert McGinnis and Brano Hlavac

One of the main things people notice when they visit my apartment here in San Francisco is my gigantic book collection (bookcases overflowing), and that my walls are covered in erotic art (and vintage magic posters). My tastes in erotic art really got refined when I did coolhunting for Fleshbot, and that’s when I started collecting: my first piece was a limited edition John John Jesse that once made an ex-boyfriend’s conservative Christian parents quite quiet once they realized the scenario depicted in the bold illustration. (“The All Nighter”)

Today I came across two artists that I wish I could add to my collection: Robert McGinnis (above) and Brano Hlavac (below). Some of you may recognize McGinnis as the illustrator of the original James Bond novels; he was a very prolific pulp paperback artist who apparently specialized in super-stylish scenes of scantily-clad babes. From a different era, Hlavac is an award-winning modern Slovakian artist who has won a ton of awards, and I’m excited to have found him.

* This LiveJournal post puts together some of Robert McGinnis’ sexiest book covers. (

* This post on Vectroave has some of Brano Hlavac’s hottest pieces. (

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