Stock photo fail: That ecosexy bitch sure gets around

And when I say that, I also want to point out that Furry Girl is the real, OG ecosexy bitch — while this stock photo babe manages to be the poster child for all of the above. Image my giggle when I saw the very same Babeland ad that’s currently running in my sidebar show up on a post on Feminisnt — in a side-by-side of unintentional stock photo irony. I’ll let Furry Girl do the talking:

(…) I have to say, it was damn funny to see one of Babeland’s new advertisements featuring the exact same stock photo used on the cover of a book I found when I was searching for anti-feminist writings (…more,

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  1. I have seen pictures being used from Deviant art on books, magazines and even on XXX videos. I believe you mentioned that a Deviant artist had to get a hold of a XXX film studio because they were using a photograph of her on a XXX movie and she was underage when she took the picture.

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