Polish Breast Exams (Online)

For starters, I don’t know how to title this post without it turning into an unintentional Polish joke (sorry!). Next, while Sociological Images found this to be sexist and offensive, I absolutely 100% can not jiggle and rub and prod the models’ onscreen boobies with my mouse without grinning and giggling like a happy dork. Remove me from the politically correct pool (my water wings were deflating anyway) because I find the Polish “breast exam” for breast cancer awareness via mouse manipulation (erotyka.wp.pl) to be way too much fun. Try it! Oh, and if you get the age check it’s the one on the right; there are three jiggle-able images and the last one is an empty click bait/switch with no nudity. (tip: Praemedia)

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  1. Heh… didn’t mean to spark off an Apple/ Android debate; merely wanted to make the statement that the website would be SOOO much better with touch-screen interactivity.

    With that said, I’m in agreement with Violet: Apple’s policies of late have made it so that the iPad will probably be the last thing I’ll have purchased from them.

  2. seriously: I can’t wait to get an Android tablet. I don’t have an iPhone (Android: EVO) and I’m so disgusted at all the social, political, business, hardware, media and visionary failures I’ve seen come out of Apple over the past 4 months I hope I don’t need to buy a new computer for a while.

    sad. so sad. greed and ego kill everything good.

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