Please, talk to your kids about malware

This is XKCD’s Swimsuit Issue.

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  1. When I was in college, several of us were talking and we discovered that every single one of us had a variant of this story:

    “When I was [somewhere between ten and fourteen] I discovered my [father’s, uncle’s, older brother’s] stash of Playboys…”

    It was something of a rite of passage in those pre-internet days. I assume the kids these days wank to internet porn, which is certainly more… various… than anything we had access to; but dammit, I’m going to let nostalgia convince me there was something about sneaking those magazines to your bedroom and masturbating furiously into a sock that was better than just stroking it in front of a monitor. I have no rational basis or evidence for that, but I’m going to say it anyway :)

  2. I saw a “news” headline on either Yahoo or CNN the other day, that read “Are teenage boys addicted to porn?” I had to laugh out loud. Teenage boys aren’t addicted to porn, they’re addicted to sex! If it wasn’t for internet porn, it’d be sneaking dad’s magazines. If not for those, it’d be sneaking mom’s clothing catalogs. If not for those, it’d be vegetables with suggestive shapes and lumps. Of course, saying teenage boys *might* be addicted to sex is like saying they *might* be addicted to oxygen.

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