The animated gif as erotic art: Three Frames

The animated gif was a source of wonder for the collective internet for about five minutes, then became one of the most annoying things ever, along with nonconsensual popup window blizzards and automatic browser resize. They inspire ire like no other, perhaps due to the nagging effect they have on the eye when trying to read text on a webpage, or worse: when used as an icon (like on Twitter) they can make a girl want to fist the monitor without lube as she tries to compose a comment but just can’t concentrate because of the distraction. I’ve often thought that they should be banned, as part of the Geneva conventions on humanitarian treatment for citizens of the internet. It wasn’t until I did this Laughing Squid post that I realized that the animated gif has become art. And like most outsider forms of art, it’s evolving and will likely never be recognized as a genre worthy of show, collection, criticism, or tribute. As I said in the Jamie Martinez post, “Not everyone looks at a gif and thinks that 1998 called and wants its HTML back.”

With that, do examine my fave new animated gif artist Three Frames. They are producing art in series with older films; a recent set is from the original Clash of the Titans. TF is especially suited to my tastes as they pull from sci-fi, horror and the erotic — some of the gifs might be disturbing, as they come from horror movie scenes. I think this artist really excels with their erotic gifs — look after the jump to see my sex-themed favorites from recent work by Three Frames. (with much adoration via Modfetish)

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  • Hey Patrick- just click the date next to any post and you’ll get a URL with the film’s title. Also, you can check @threeframes on Twitter. And the first image is from the 1972 Soviet Sci-Fi classic “Solyaris”. Thanks for the love <3

  • those are fantastic! Number four down w/the white lace pantie shake is from the film Coming Apart a Rip Torn classic, you can chick out at sfpl. Twisted male perspective of the best kind.

  • I’ve been following Three Frames for a while now, and am always pleased when new bits of awesomeness show up in my feed reader.

    I often wonder, though, what films these come from. Yes, there are some easily identified entries here and there, but it would be interesting to get to know some of these images in a broader context. For instance, I’ve been trying to figure out what film the top image in this post is from since I first saw it MONTHS ago. :)

  • Dez

    Those made me laugh a bit, haha! Sorry they just look funny. They are pretty sexy though.