A few of my favorite things: The VB List

Amazon / Babeland

This weekend I added an Amazon widget of my favorite things to the right sidebar. This is a response to many, many requests for a ‘Violet’s Favorite Things’ feature. The VB List is for your sex life, and vetted by me: good, safe, hygienic products, solutions to sensual needs, exciting ideas to spice up sex for couples, singles, and even triples. The kind of things I keep in my bedside drawer. The objects d’lust I employ to make a night unforgettable. The things I recommend to my best friends. I hope you like it. I’ll be changing it weekly. If you want to pick these items up — and I highly recommend you do — I’m linking to both Amazon *and* smaller retailers that feel good to support. Have better sex with:

Amazon / Thrusti Kicki Grabbi

Amazon / Jimmyjane

Amazon / Kama Sutra

Amazon / Babeland

Amazon / Tantus

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  • Tsouris

    thanks for the reply, i believe it was an honest answer that even made me respect you more… yes i think i like you a little bit more by now
    and no way i wanted to school you about anything! :)
    and yes i was kinda bitchy… lol

  • Dez

    “you should do your homework on me.”
    That made me smile a bit. Heehee… :)

  • Tsouris, thanks for your comment. I thought the widget and Amazon widget art in this post made it obvious that I am an Amazon Associate. I in no way intended duplicity, especially not for the 30-50 cents I take out of Amazon’s pocket (not the shopper) for potential transactions. I am also affiliated with Babeland, but I am not affiliated with anyone else I link to in this post. Jimmyjane is an advertiser yet the link in this post is editorial content and not from my relationship — the link is just a link.

    which brings me to your larger accusation. this is an editorial post and a real list. linking to a kink.com gallery would make me far more money than telling people what my favorite products are and including associate links. unlike most other sites you’ll read with a magazine of content such as mine are bankrolled in non-transparent ways. this site is out of my own pocket, and I turn down offers for shady ads and crap affiliates every week. I could make money off this site; I could make a LOT of money off of it if I had no ethics. I balance being a businesswoman and being an educator. I’ve watched many people try to do exactly this and fail, in either business or ethics, or both.

    and if you think to school me about transparency in blogging standards and practices, you should do your homework on me.

  • Tsouris

    you forgot to say that you will get a commission by each sale of those stuff. undercover money making irritates blog readers, a lot!