I wish to see Terminator pornography

And lo, the Internets deliver.

By Matthias Weinberger, via my sweet friend Chris Pirillo.

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  • Perhaps you might enjoy Michael Sullivan’s strange, funny, dirty “Sex Life of Robots.”


  • I think their shiny would get scratched a lot. Polish it up! You rock Violet!

  • I think the real question is which came first – the want to see Terminator porn or the Terminator porn followed by the need to watch it?

  • A band I play in licensed these photos for an industrial music compilation we released called “Gears Gone Wild”. They’re so fantastic. And so hilarious.

  • Mario

    This is one instance where a petroleum-based lubricant would work best.

  • Alex Ess

    I remember seeing a porno Terminator knockoff several years ago where a cyborg came back in time to get someone pregnant. It was called “The Penetrator”, if memory serves. The cyborg was a European fellow who I’d seen in some Rocco Siffredi pictures – can’t think of his name at the moment.