More Frédéric Fontenoy

I did a post featuring the photography of Frédéric Fontenoy in October; friend Katie West points out that 180 Magazine has an entire set of his newer work called Chambre Noir that is absolutely stunning. How does he do it? Well, in an unintentional moment of clicking around, I found the above video and it gives many tantalizing clues about his process — and it’s incredibly sexy to see the women in color, doing their best to hold their poses for him. The video is in French, though I’ll admit the first time I watched it was with the sound off while I was at the London TechCrunch Xmas Crunch (tech conference / soiree, very fun) and I loved it as its own silent film. (thanks, Praemedia!)

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  1. I love it too. Old-style shooting. Perfection of the shooting itself, no photoshopping to correct minor imperfections.
    I also loved the girls chatting in the background near the end. Apparently, a lot of the girls might be actual “girl next door” from me :)

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