Pure adorable, pure pleasure, pure design pr0n: Jimmyjane’s new Form 2 video

My pals at Jimmyjane *just* sent me their new video for the Form 2 (made with designer Yves Béhar)– the high-end designer vibe that everyone wants. The video is utterly adorable and shows you why it’s such a hot item (and it’ll make you smile, I promise, even if you hate smiling). I’ve seen a lot of videos by sex toy manufacturers, and this eschews the typical, static, clinical talking-head style for humor and playfulness. Very nice. C’est trés chic!

Full disclosure: Jimmyjane is a sponsor of Tiny Nibbles, and friends. This post is voluntary editorial content because I thought the video was so kewt I begged them to make it embeddable and shareable. Thank you!

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  • Awesome! Such a fun video.

    As for the Form 2? WANT ONE NOW! Not for it’s intended purpose (though that would be fun) but just to carry round and have people play with at gathering as watch their faces as they realise what it is :) The red one would be so great for that.

    Thanks for persuading Jimmyjane to make the video available and for sharing it.

    – Neil. x