Lascivious housewares

I’ve been angling to do a lascivious housewares post for a few days now, and while longtime readers know how much I’ve yearned for the Seven Deadly Sins Plate Set, I found a few things that make me want to spend money I don’t have and complete my wanna-be naughty cupboard collection. (I include my Laughing Squid Mug as part of my geek-pervy collection, BTW.)

Above we have the very clever Wanker and Lesbo plates; below we have the Bitch and Wanker Tea Set (want! perfect for me and the boy!) and the lusty, must have for my bar Ceramic Cock Bottle Stopper. Beyond that, I sort of want to pair the Flutterby Vibrator Jade with the *adorable* Grey Union Jack Cushion. (More here.) Also for the bar, I loved Sin in Linen’s Girl Power Rock cocktail glasses with wonderful images for (ahem) shoe lovers. Add to that the stunning, really gorgeous yet inconspicuous high end designer Condom Dispenser from Uncommon Goods, and you’re arriving in style.

Have you seen any more lascivious housewares? Let me know!

Full disclosure: Coco de Mer is a lovingly handpicked sponsor of Tiny Nibbles — among the supporters I’ve personally chosen to partner with and who make this blog possible — and I’m delighted to say I’m meeting the London contingent next month (this post links to their online US store). This post is not part of the sponsorship, they didn’t know I was going to do it, and is more like a personal wishlist :)

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