A closer look at adult Super Dollfies

Image of Ryomou Shimei, a Dollfie Dreams character, by Danny Choo.

Last week over at the La Weekly blogs, there was a post by Liz Ohanesian about discovering Super Dollfies at the Pacific Media Expo. If you’re at all familiar with the world of Japanese adult collectibles, like our pal Danny Choo, you probably aren’t as surprised as Ohanesian to get a glimpse of a pretty vast subculture centering around sexed-up collectible dolls (created after Volks storyline characters, often female fighters or heroines). Only a portion of toymaker Volks‘ oversized Barbie-like, ball-jointed dolls are made to be sexually suggestive — best seen in the Dollfie Dreams line. But those that are… well, they really are. Super Dollfies stand at around 16 inches tall, there is typically a long waitlist to buy them — and that their typical accessories are guns and swords belies the seemingly passive message their hyperfeminie bodies communicate. These pliable-looking babes, if alive, would kick your ass. The dolls are not cheap; they start at around $600 USD so the bar to entry is high for anyone nurturing a Super Dollfie fetish. (Supers are the oversized models; a ‘Dollfie’ is a different, smaller toy.) Those who are, and can afford the base models can modify them with various parts such as larger breasts or hands in suggestive poses — parts available both on the mainstream Super Dollfie labels and also on the underground SD market. Here’s a black market Sasara mod:

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