What a great way to go

The matte black Death By Orgasm vibe is utterly adorable, silky-smooth, super-quiet and perfect for stimulation outside the body and especially with a partner (read: awesome clitoral vibe). The only catch is that it’s from LoveHoney UK. which isn’t really a catch unless you live here in the US and really wish you could get one for you or your girl by Saturday (Halloween). Other times of the year, you’ll just have to give it as a spooky Goth token of lust. Personally, I think it should be something in a fantasy adult version of “Clue.” LoveHoney sent me one and I thought it was all cute and stuff, and then I turned it on and was well impressed. They even have a nifty video about it on their website. I’m telling you about it because it’s seasonal and I like it, not because they sent me one. People constantly send me crap that you never ever hear about, trust me… Thank you, LoveHoney UK!

Otherwise, for something comparable yet in a different form factor (or ordering domestically), I’d recommend a JimmyJane sleek white Iconic Bullet (yes they sent me one, I love it).

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