Coco de Mer LA store window: “Fever”

At the same time I was sent a pic of the Coco de Mer (USA: Los Angeles) “Fever” window display above, I found their Coco USA Flickr photostream. Hopefully they’ll start posting event photos, and we’ll see more happen with it… The window dressing is pretty hot, skipping right to a Thanksgiving theme and giving me antler envy. But now that I found their photostream, we’ve also got access to nice images of their high-end erotic products, like these:

Oh, wishlist of designer sex toys… From left to right above we have a Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo, a Julian Snelling Crystal Butt Plug, the Semi-Precious Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set, and a Coco de Mer Tease Gift Set. I especially have Coco on my mind these days even more now that we’re in talks for me to go do some appearances in their LA store early next year and their London store in December. Fun stuff is in the works. (Disclosure: Coco and I are currently in talks about sponsorship.)

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