Sunday comics

From Chester 5000.

There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday drinking coffee and reading the comics. Except for a lazy Sunday drinking coffee, reading comics and having sex. But I can at least provide the comics… The dirty ones. — Curvy — is a sexy sci-fi lesbian webcomic via Zhaira. From here, I liked Dar! and Oglaf and Doctor Voluptua and Chester 5000 which is about Victorian era sensibilities and robots but NOT st***p*nk. You all feel me.

There from Dar! are awesome; here’s her Etsy store.

From Dar!

And Oglaf:

From Oglaf

And, we do love Tasty Flesh. Things are getting deliciously dire (and finger-licking nekkid):

From Tasty Flesh.

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  1. Maybe I am getting old, maybe I have grown too sensitive, but your selection edited from Tasty Flesh motivated me to comment- something I don’t often do at any of the sites that I visit occasionally or even regularly.

    Taken out of the context of the zombie story line the panels are open to such variety of interpretation that they become useless in communicating anything but their violence. And, it seems to me, in this new age of increased state-sponsored violence, economic distress, environmental calamity and aspirational domestic reconciliations in race, gender and class relations (I know we are all of us in the gutter, but some of us ARE looking to the stars) violence carries a new gravity- even cartoon violence.

    For these reasons I found the edited selection, one that did not acknowledge the fantasy context, to be hard to stomach. I know that this comment potentially opens a case of cans of worms and the backbone of the free state is free speech but I would posit that it is _considered_ free speech that enables us in our heterogeneity to live well together. And we ALL need occasionally to take a moment to consider the context and content of our speech. Even posting plugs for all-right cartoons.

    Thanks, and I am ready for the too PC/ self censorship flame jobs….

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