[Video] Yeah baby: She Make It So

Think you were getting through this weekend alive without Star Trek sex on this blog? Think again, red shirt. This is “She Make It So” from the Warp 11 album “Boldly Go Down On Me”.

I encourage you to read more in Rock Out With Your Spock Out, snip:

While a lip-balm-sized container of Gene Roddenberry’s remains finally succumbed to a decayed orbit in 1997, the rest of his cremated mortal coil is still ticketed for a proper deep-space shot in 2012. One has to wonder if those remaining ashes are spinning in their urn or rocking out in utter triumph with the release of I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven As Long As They Have Vulcans in Hell. It’s the 5th studio album from Warp 11 — the original oversexed, geeked-up, hard-rocking, hard-drinking Star Trek rock band. Read it again, Herbert. (Note for the uninitiated and/or understandably-alarmed: We’re not talking some one-shot, ‘novelty’ tunes excreted by some douchebag ‘morning-zoo’ DJ… Warp 11 was fusing Trek, drugs & rock ‘n roll damn-near a decade before J.J. Abrams finally got a chance to put his new, hip, much-needed reboot up Star Trek’s lauded-but-aging ass). (…read more, hplusmagazine, thanks El Destiny!)

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