Art of Restraint: First taste

Saturday night I went to Art of Restraint at the Femina Potens gallery, an exclusive, high-end private evening of bondage and sex-themed art and performances. CarnalNation was on hand to capture the excellent video: I got over 500 images that I’m culling through for an explicit gallery (and a gallery feature for the SF Chronicle/SF Gate about the evening and my experiences there, which were pretty wild). On site for the live performances were Madison Young, Lorelei Lee, Fivestar (!hot!), Lochai (he personally runs Hogtied), Lew Reubens, James Mogul, Jiz Lee, Sadie Lune, on-demand submissives and Suzanne Rachel Forbes with sketchbook in in hand. In the meantime, here are a few of the lo-res on-the-spot images I got. Many more to come when the column goes live thursday, and more after the jump.

This event only happens quarterly. It’s expensive, a fundraiser, and not to be missed in a lifetime.

Me geeking out on gadgets with Jiz Lee.

The amazing Lorelei Lee.

Jiz Lee and Fivestar.

Jiz Lee and Fivestar.



The final image, by Suzanne Rachel Forbes.


Madison Young.

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  1. I was very excited to see “The Machine,” as we used to call it – the plexiglass box with lighted piston about 10 seconds into the video. My father made that. When I was a kid it sat in our garage for years covered with a sheet. He used to tell us it was a ray gun he made for a sci-fi movie. Later, he told me it that actually, it was one of two he was commisssioned to make for a porn movie in the early 70s that featured numerous fucking machines. He later sold it. After all those year this is the first time I’ve never seen it working. Thanks for that.

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