The Doll Album

The Doll Album has a most interesting collection of sex dolls, and sex doll aficionado contributions in the galleries. I think this alien sex doll would be a lovely addition to the Bungalow, a conversation piece, don’t you? You know, the kind that scares the shit out of the cat, and me in the middle of the night when I forget I have an alien female sex doll just, you know, sitting around in the living room. Hopefully in the last place I left her.

One manufacturer featured in the galleries is TorsoDoll, which is exactly what it sounds like. I so want their tagline to be “Because arms and legs can cost you an arm and a leg.” Perhaps that is why I am not a sex doll copywriter. (via JWZ)

And thanks to some clicking around deep in The Doll Album, I also found two jaw-dropping custom sex dolls by Matt Krivicke from Abyss Creations (RealDoll). I actually think the SeaNymph Doll is stunning.

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  1. Where did you find Oola! The Twi’lek(the ORIGINAL female Twi’lek slave dancer girl, to be exact)! I have a SUPER Twi’lek fetish, yes I am a female WUT? xD But seriously where on that side did you find her?

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