Merkley??? haz cheezburger

Buy his book! And read the post that goes with the second photo, it’s hilarious. Snip:

I Bought a Van and Then It Got Stolen and Then I Got It Back

and when i got it back… GOOD NEWS!, it came with a FREE METH PIPE!!!,
and a bunch of hooker clothes and ratty makeup bags
and some Stars & Stripes Fruit Punch
and some Mexican toilet paper
and some Teddy Bear cookies
and some Double Stuffed Ravioli
and some Mini 3+2 Sandwich Crackers (Cheddar Cheese Flavor!!!)

and even though they stole my brand new $1500 Chinese GPS/DVD/USB/OPP stereo system, inside was a completely different $400 American stereo system undoubtedly stolen from some other dickhead. Poor loser.

I also got a few extra tools to start up my own auto-theft stereo/hooker biznizz!! :) (…read more,

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  • shurie

    Merkley is awesome an has some sets up on zivity. go check it out while you can still get a free subscription to zivity.