It’s soymilk, tra-la… And if you’re in Chicago…

Image by Jing Quek.

The above image is by photographer Jing Quek (in their incredible OHMYGOD gallery), and I had a feeling it was soymilk — then the distinct pleasure of reading the file info and yes! Lactose-free ecstasy. Lactard porn. But the real point of this post is to point you to the brilliant, I-wish-I-was-there, ongoing Sex Positive Film Documentary series at the Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts, which started two days ago and lasts at least through October 2009 and is totally free. They have an incredible lineup planned, including many films I’ve never seen and want to see. What a fantastic idea, and a great community service, if you will. (thanks for the tip, P!)

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  1. I was at the first one this past Tuesday and the Kinsey documentary was great. There was a good discussion afterwards on how LGBT and kink communities can work together and I look forward to attending many more of them. Awesome job organizing it Clarisse!

    And for those in Chicago, It’s at UIC/University of Illinois-Chicago. (I don’t know anybody in the city who would know where this is by the ‘Architecture and the Arts’ department name, and I even went to UIC

    The Next Generation Chicago

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