Wired: The sex life of robots at MoSex

Dear reader RZ wrote me about Wired’s short but very entertaining video about Michael Sullivan’s “Sex Lives of Robots” show currently on exhibit at the Museum Of Sex in NYC right now — saying that I’d likely blogged it long ago. I did, but we also did a nice, full feature about his then-project on Fleshbot back in September ’07. Though I’ll snark that in the Wired video, I find it ironic and kind of ridiculous to hear them refer to the robotic sculptures in acts of “procreation,” especially when you see the sex acts they’re enjoying. And I’ll also point out that he’s exhibited this work at MoSex before, while it was in progress. But damn, it’s such beautiful work.

PS: Pre-roll ads are for douchebags. Sorry about that.

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