Exclusive: Lovin’ from Muki’s oven!

I was absolutely delighted this week to get an email from the chefs (Mrs. and Mr. Muki) at humorous fetish site Muki’s Kitchen, thanking me for yearly Thanksgiving links — and sending me some freebees to share with you this holiday. They also wanted me to know that they love my website and that while last year I commented that their site didn’t look like it had been updated in a while — it has. They told me, “While the free sections and sample images do not change often, we update our Pic-of-the-Week page every week (as the name implies). We also put up a brand new portfolio every month and change out the contents of our past portfolio section (4 portfolios) on at least a monthly basis also. We really are a “Mom & Pop” sort of operation and, as we appeal to a very small and specific group of fetishists, we find that this is the most practical schedule for updates and changes…”

Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Muki! A few more Thanksgiving girls are trussed and ready for your consumption after the jump. Happy day!

Note: all image links go to Muki’s Kitchen, as requested by the linecooks. More free tastes can be found here.

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