The birthday, the turning point

Image is a self-portrait re-treated by Dustin Lacina, as a gift.

I just felt like writing a post saying, it’s my fucking birthday. Consider this my LiveJournal entry on TinyNibbles. And thank you for reading me, following me, commenting here, hanging out, and checking back now and then. It’s been a crazy dark year for me, more than anyone knows, and I’m feeling the lightness finally start to come back. And the gloves coming back off (because there’s no time like the present; I’m not waiting around for an afterlife, thanks). And the personal edge this blog has been missing, starting to return. I’ve spent a year just having all this insane shit hurled my way; I’ve been called every name you can think of by people who I thought truly cared about me as a human being, and worse by people I’ve never met — I have a hate blog dedicated to me that’s updated almost daily by some dude with too much time on his hands and a bad copy of Photoshop. I also have all his personal data, so it amuses me. A year ago today, my best friend and ex-husband suffered a near-fatal head injury; the start of a bad year. He’s doing better, and so am I. People lied to keep me from seeing him; so sickening. Some really bad people filtered through my life and I realized I wasn’t choosing friends as carefully as I should. SRL died. I hit financial bottom as a freelancer while becoming more well-known than I’ve ever imagined — I can’t leave the house without being recognized, I get asked for autographs regularly, I get free phones and experimental tech services, and have two high-profile agents, all while I am scrambling for gigs and am coming up short for rent this month — it’s a strange currency, this life.

But what I do makes people happy. Every day someone writes me saying thank you for what you do; at least every week I get an urgent crisis email from someone who desperately needs physical or emotional sexual help. And I’m there for them; I get them to counselors, clinics, I give it freely, I hold a stranger’s hand and we walk it together. I teach and lecture to crisis counselors and front-line clinic workers, all in the background. I show myself naked. I wonder if anyone can see my scars from the times it just hurt too much on the inside. I show myself as human. So many tests. Hacker Boy went in the ER for a couple of after-midnight 5-6 hour screaming-in-agony episodes that made me as close to insane as I’ve ever felt, not to mention his recent surgery. Him and I, we don’t know where we’re going either, but we’re fearless about love, even when it’s scary, and it’s not always been white-hot upload speeds and roses and sips of Absinthe. I’ve had insane lies written and said about me in the internet — the oh my god kind, the ‘but I was there’ kind, the kind that you look at and go, why do people have such hate in them? Why should I do good here in this world when some people just want to watch the world burn and they get joy from hurting others? Journalists wrote about my sex life; I turned into tabloid fodder, and I realized that the blogosphere does indeed have a glass ceiling for women. When weird shit happened in the blogosphere people accused me of all the usual shit; being an attention whore, being this, being that… whatever.

Like I give a shit. Show me something new. I love who I am, I love what I do, I’m happy to make the right people pissed off at me, and the rest of us can laugh and look at fun sexy stuff and take the world back from those who scheme to make us feel bad or unhappy, or try to erase us for who we are. It’s our world, we love sex, getting off is normal, and it’s the now. We’re getting gay married, you motherfuckers. Just try and stop us. Me — I like what I see when I look in the mirror, I like what I see when I look at my blog. I like the reflection of you in me. I think one of the big things I learned is that no matter how intense the attack, how vicious and persistent, how much someone can try to distort reality to do harm, how hurt I feel, or how close I feel to the edge of going back on the streets in all of this — I’m never going to let other people’s issues fuck with my self-esteem.

Bete said it best, “I love that you are self entertaining even in stressful situations.” The now: Tricky, album: Vulnerable.

So we’ll see what happens next. In the meantime, Babeland has everything with my name on it at 15% off all week (damn, Babeland, I love you too!), and the first three commenters to this post who want them can have a free Babeland Pocket Rocket shipped to them, for my birthday. Also, check out my Sabrina Fox interview on Fleshbot today (plus explicit gallery) — I love what she says about the perceptions about her job. Enjoy it.

Margaret just emailed, “happy birthday!! you beautiful girl!! love you!!” Now, I’m off to spend the afternoon with my lover and his beautiful daughter.

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  1. A late happy Birthday to you !

    Thank you so much for all you do. I’ve been following you for over two years now, starting with your podcast, and really enjoy every bit of it.
    Thank you for show to everyone, and especially the so called “righteous-ones”, that sex and pleasure are good and normal.

    Please keep going, and good luck for whatever is coming.

    Greetings for Strasbourg, France.

  2. Violet – that’s one tough time you’ve had recently. Hope you can keep head above water – we’ve been reading, listening and following for 4 years… We laughed at (and tried) some suggestions (eg. Bend over BF).

    Reading the above, I can’t help thinking of you as a sort of 21stC “Rhoda” – you’re way too young to remember that TV series I’m sure. Life wouldn’t be so bad if it was a sitcom. At the end of 22 minutes, you pretty much get back to normal.

    Oh, last thing, please don’t Jump The Shark. Keep churning out the good stuff.

    Nice thoughts from Amsterdam.

  3. “Ride across the sky
    Thunder roll and lightning fly
    Gone is the summer
    What will keep us warm in the winter
    Tales of those who died
    Sword in hand in times gone by
    -Tyr Hail to the Hammer

    Yay Vikings!

    Sorry got slightly distracted by viking gal’s name. Back to the love fest for Violet! Woo Hoo!

  4. Ah, darl. I hope your birthday was better than your last year.
    From an occasional reader, I thank you for keeping up the good fight to defend our right to be informed, safe, sexually acitve adults. And for being positive about it, too.
    As for not being perfect of body, most of us aren’t! I’m learning to look at my 40-something bod with my lover’s eyes, because he’s so sexy for me. And if I see his not-a-model body as hot, I shouldn’t deny his ability to see my no-longer-a-jock body as sexy, right? Why should only the professional sex deities have the corner on sexiness? If we let that happen, we deny the elderly, the disabled… Heck, we would be denying most of humanity!
    Actually, I find someone who is interesting, smart, and paying attention those around him/her to be sooo much more attractive than a perfect body. Which means your picture is ‘something much nicer to look at’, for me, rather than the so-called hot bod of the week. If I saw your eyes in my bedroom, I’d be having a hard time staying faithful with my honey!
    Last year, you survived. I hope this is a year for thriving!
    viking gal

  5. Happy Birthday Violet!!!! (belated)

    I forget how I found you, but the first of this blog I ever read was exactly a year ago. The blog about Todd’s accident. ( It’s a funny ol’ place this world) “This is a blog about sex”, he said? Well yes, in fact, it was. And so much more. Thank you,so much, for being who you are, and doing what you do. Keep on being, and keep on doing. It’s important, and it matters. You are wonderful, witty, brilliant, and beautiful. So, know that you are much more loved than hated, and by more folks than you would guess.

    Many happy returns of the day.


  6. Sometime in the past year I thought I should find out what a podcast was. Picking topics of interest, sex and Macs, I got you. I downloaded all I could , and many days on my commute to work your voice was my company. I love to listen to you, and now read whenever i can, mostly catching up after many days. Your incredible efforts and perseverance in an amazing life are inspiring. Your giving and compassion are an example all should follow. Fucking rule the day every day!
    Work craziness made me miss the actual day, so I whisper a belated Happy Birthday.
    The 22nd is my birthday too. A long work day, but I came home to flower petals shaped into hearts all across the floor…

  7. Happy belated birthday Violet! I hope this year is much better for you, sounds as though you need a break.

    I love listening to your podcasts and reading your blog. I think the work you do is really important – keep it up!


  8. For what it’s worth, it was the BoingBoing nonsense that introduced me to you. Or to your blog, at any rate. I never read BB much before, but now I make it a point not to, and I check your blog regularly.

    I wouldn’t wish the kind of internet shitstorm you went through on anyone, but it did have the benefit of bringing you another reader. A pretty small silver lining, perhaps, but there it is. Happy birthday.

  9. I guess the biggest issue so many internet famous people have is that the ones who enjoy what they do don’t always say it and the few that don’t are the biggest loudmouth asses out there. Happy birthday and keep up the fantastic work

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