All new site design, the release of Bent, and 15 years of sex-positivity online

You’re looking at a completely new TinyNibbles! New design, evolved style, refined topics, faster everything, mobile prettiness, and better security (with a few more added security features wrapping up as I write this). As much as I hated not posting here for a week, now you know what’s been keeping me so busy. Working on this site is where I’ve been day and night (and several all-nighters). It’s not that anything was a particular problem, but that I don’t have the cash to hire help, and this website is entering its 15th year. That’s hundreds of articles, thousands of posts, and countless feels; it’s a lot to re-organize.

I’m really happy with the results. When I started this website I was hand-coding pages, everything was tables, and I kept a ‘journal’ then… Because commercial blogging software wasn’t available for websites yet.

This website has been refined into what you see now: A dedicated resource for sex culture and information, and an outlet with which to view and discover art, sex-positive erotic entertainment — as well as a safe place for elements of life those in power would readily see censored, sidelined, and relegated to the discriminatory corners of the internet.

The new, sleek menu across the top has everything you need for navigation, though there is a dedicated search box on the top right for specifics, such as names, sex acts, that one post you’re trying to find, or the news item you wanted to share. Social sharing buttons are at the bottom of each post.

New sections include That Devil Pornography, Sex Culture, Literate Smut, Ms. Violet Blue, and Accurate Sex Information.

  • * That Devil Pornography is a porn resource where you’ll find lots to think about regarding anti-porn arguments, consent and exploitation, the evolving relationship between women and pornography, advice articles, information on privacy and safe surfing, and my porn recommendations.
  • * Sex Culture has dedicated sections for Art posts, Sex Culture posts, Erotic Fashion posts, and Sex/tech news (if you just want to read the main blog, here on the front page, you’ll get it all).
  • * Accurate Sex Information is a complete resource of sex ed articles, anatomy and advice, news and information about sexual health and safety, and more — including all my handpicked, recommended sex links.
  • * The Ms. Violet Blue section is a sprawling bio of things that should be on the Wikipedia page about me, and needs to be expanded and added to… whenever I can stand it (everyone dreads writing their own bio, myself included).
  • * Literate Smut is the erotica epicenter, including all the free erotica on this site, my Kink Your Kindle erotic reading list posts, and all manner of Digita Publications news and erotica excitingness.

Bent Over His Desk by Alison Tyler

Speaking of erotica excitingness, today also happens to be the day that our newest Digita Pub erotica collection is available for sale! Please click on over and say hi to the first book by Alison Tyler I’m honored to publish — Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink ($4.49 on Kindle; $4.29 direct on

It’s a superb anthology, and has a different curation style that I think you’ll really like; Tyler adds a voice to Digita Pub that makes my indie-pub catalog into something greater than I’d ever hoped. That Bent comes out right now makes today a very celebratory day for my two biggest labors of love, TinyNibbles and Digita Pub. I hope you enjoy both!

I plan to add more features to TinyNibbles now that I’m fully upgraded in every department. I can’t wait! I’m going to launch a Patreon soon to help offset the costs of everything here, and so I can add more (I hope to pull enough in to bring back the podcast). I had to sideline valuable freelance gigs to get this move done, and it had to be done ASAP, because Google’s algo changes were (are) really hurting me. I’m actually not done fixing everything here. But, if you have suggestions for anything you’d like to see me add (Disqus? Discussion forum? Newsletter?), let me know. Also let me know if you find any 404s that I can fix :)

Thank you for sticking with me. Here’s to another 15 years of fighting the sex-positive, inclusive, indie fight.

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