Scenes from the Perverse Cabaret


The funny thing is, I ran into Amelia Mae Paradise on MUNI one day last week while coming home from a meeting downtown; she recognized me and said she’d put me on the list for a Folsom party she’d be throwing on the eve of last Sunday’s Folsom Street Fair — the Perverse Cabaret. When she sent me the lineup, I knew I *had* to go! I shot this Flickr set of photos and the two videos below (and please excuse the fact that I was steadying my camera above the crowd on my plastic cup!):

Scenes from the Perverse Cabaret v.1: curiosities from The Inverted Eye, artist Suzanne Rachel Forbes doing fetish sketch art, and a burlesque performance by the Diamond Daggers — perfect for today (Rosh Hashanah), as it features two very nice Jewish girls.

Scenes from the Perverse Cabaret v.2: Mommy Minax giving spankings, and a wonderful song performance by Alotta Boutte.

I was especially delighted to finally meet Alix from The Inverted Eye, and Suzanne Rachel Forbes, a former court sketch artist for ABC and now live documents fetish events. Suzanne and I chatted, and I got to peek at her sketchbook, wow! Don’t miss Forbes’ Flickr photo stream. Here she is in action sketching Alex, and below is the final product.

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