XKCD Explains The “Base” System

XKCD: I once got to second base with a basketball player. She was so confused.

This is what happens when you visit XKCD and hit “random.” You find out that ‘sex in crotchless fursuits’ is considered so far in the outfield it could almost be a home run if it’s a dead start from first base.

Read: in the above comic, XKCD explains the antiquated system of American shorthand terminology for sexual accomplishment, aka the “base” system.

Ah, baseball metaphors for sex.

As I’ve said before, the classic definition of the base system is fine if all you want to do is run around in circles.

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  • http://tinynibbles.com violet

    Aaand, I’d actually posted it before. Thats’ what I get for blogging at 4am and not cross-searching my own archives: http://www.tinynibbles.com/blogarchives/2009/02/xkcd-examines-the-baseball-diamond-model-of-heteronormative-sex.html

  • http://tinynibbles.com violet

    Glad you liked it! I’d never seen it and was quite pleased – I felt like I “won” at “random.”

  • http://ladygrinsoul.blogspot.com/ Lady Grinning Soul

    Haha.. I remember my (now ex-)boyfriend sending this to me a couple of years back. Made me laugh then, still makes me laugh now. Nice find!