Rimming Facts and Safe Rimming

Rimming is the popular term for analingus; it is when you lick or kiss your lover’s anal opening for erotic stimulation. If you find rimming distasteful, skip this page, but know that for every person who recoils there is a person who wholeheartedly enjoys giving or getting a rim job.

Rimming can be delightfully nasty, or a deeply tender act that two lovers share. You can make the experience into anything you want. For many people, rimming is their preferred form of anal stimulation because the lips and tongue of their lover are softer and more sensitive than fingers, a toy, a penis, or dildo.

Learning to rim takes a little know-how, but most importantly, rimming requires that you know about safety concerns and have established trust and sexual communication with your partner. And rimming isn’t for folks who are afraid or ashamed of the sex they already share with their partner. Enhance your techniques when you learn more about fellatio and cunnilingus.

* Unsafe Sex Productsis an article where I explain how products like Anal-Eze and other anal numbing creams work, and why they’re not such a great idea — and potentially dangerous.

* Rimming 101 This how-to article on rimming (analingus) covers all the bases and answers all the questions beginners might have. Learn about cleanliness, safety, getting started and more.

* Rimming (or analingus, face-sitting, or rim jobs) is the intensely pleasurable act of licking or penetrating your partner’s anus with your tongue. Take your rimming knowledge to the next level in my latest article detailing some of the more advanced techniques, Rimming 102.

* A woman picks up a cute drunk boy, but can’t get her obsession of plundering his virgin ass out of her mind — so she devises a very oral compromise. Anal play is the name of the game in Elizabeth Colvin’s One Way Street.

* In Rim Shot, a girl falls for a sexy LA rock band drummer who gets her home only to spread her cheeks wide and show her the importance of — you guessed it, a “rim shot.”

* In Off the Rim Ayre Riley dishes up a sweet and dirty short story about a gal who just can’t wait to get her guy off the basketball court for some lip-licking back-door lovin’.

* Tanya is a very naughty girl, whose oral fixation verges on the frightening — not that her boyfriend’s complaining, mind you. But when she surprises him and takes complete control of his body, Tanya’s Tongue, he gets a (literal) tongue-lashing that makes him see stars. This unpublished piece by Thomas Roche is a great story for couples, and would’ve been in Sweet Life 2 if I didn’t already have a great Roche story in it…

* Unable to watch his girlfriend hike in her tiny, tiny hiking shorts for another minute, her very horny boyfriend “makes” her go down on all fours so he can bury his face where the sun don’t shine — while we get a glimpse of a woman who loves to come from rimming. With Second Breakfast Xavier Acton turns in a hot story with a couple who doesn’t need to be squeaky clean to enjoy analingus, and another “I could’ve published it in Sweet Life 2” piece of erotica.

* French Tickler by Alison Tyler. This delicious excerpt from Bondage on a Budget gives us a guy determined to please his girlfriend, who demands… a feather duster? Kinky and cute, she gets what she deserves in the end.

* “I Do” by Erica Caldwell. The best man at a wedding can’t wait for the wedding to be over — until he makes eye contact with a beautiful girl, and suddenly he’s wondering just what she’ll say “I do” to…

* Whose Panties by Alison Tyler. In another excerpt from Tyler’s popular Bondage on a Budget anthology, a woman gets to bed a sexy rock band front man, and much to her delight, he’s into kink. A hunky guy in panties, a spanking, and some girl-on-guy rimming round out this selection.

* Insomniac by Serina Jurgens. In a timeless moment on a balcony in Los Angeles, a woman experiences some otherworldly sex with another woman. Slightly haunting, with a nice rimming encounter.

Highly recommended for rimming fans:

John Stagliano has taken admiration of the female backside to dizzying heights, and for anyone who likes beautiful natural gals with generous bottoms and who love anal sex, and love series’ with lots of rimming and face-sitting, this all-sex series is an unending supply of heaven. In his adventures, Buttman roams Europe, Brazil, and a little bit of the U.S. with his camera, filming one hot Euro babe after another who perform uninhibited, intense sex acts for the camera, with well-hung (usually European) studs. The scenes are then edited together for a particular tape. His banter with the performers is fun, respectful, enthusiastic about sex, and quite humorous, and everyone laughs and has a good time.

What’s nice is that the women look and enjoy the sex as mature young women, not the giggly girls usually found in typical American gonzo porn. Erotic and enjoyable in feel and atmosphere, the exquisite locales are a far cry from cheap Southern California hotel rooms. Many tapes feature Rocco Siffredi in one or more scenes. Often the women (and their men) are making their first or only appearances for the camera, and real-life couples crop up from time to time. The Buttman videos regularly win AVN awards. I highly recommend Buttman’s Bend Over Babes, where big beautiful female butts and spicy European women from the U.S., Brazil, and Hungary, having lots of anal sex in all combinations. This series is a favorite; high-quality filming, exuberant performances, and torrid sex make this a very popular choice.

Like rimming — and plot? John “Buttman” Stagliano’s first full-length feature film Face Dance is an arresting epic, combining his then-obsession for the erotic immediacy of sexual contact with the face — facial come shots, smothering, rimming, forced ass-licking, and so on. Rocco Siffredi comes to Hollywood as an Italian movie stud, whose pressures on the set conspire with his repressed sexual fixations and reduce him to a man helplessly in thrall to his sexual obsessions. Note the riveting scene in which Tina Tyler puts Siffredi in his place. Won five avn and adam film awards, is a two-part set, and contains extreme sex acts.

Recommended reading for rimmers:

My own oral sex guides, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus and The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio cover everything under the sun — and especially where the sun don’t shine. How to lick, where to lick, how to rim pleasurably and safely, and all sorts of other delicious tricks you can do while you’re down there. Includes entire sections on edible lubes, licking techniques, cleanliness, making your lover comfortable, introducing the idea and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, is the freshly updated, definitive text on anal sex for women and men. Pick up a copy and get the basics on everything anal, and check out the book just for guys (and those who want to penetrate them) The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Men by Bill Brent.

Some consider flavored lubes to be distasteful — why would you want to cover up the yummy taste of your lover? Meanwhile, others are nervous about the tastes and smells they might find — or present to their lovers, making flavored lubes a great way to enjoy rimming while being able to relax. Well, I relish the taste of my lovers, but sometimes it’s fun to enjoy rimming with a little “twist!” Flavored lubes can add a new level of fun. Just keep in mind that if your lover is a woman, you won’t want those flavored lubes going into her pussy — they invariably contain sugar, which will likely give her a yeast infection. Also, select your flavors carefully — for instance, I thought that cherry flavored lube might be yummy, but it would up making my boy-toy’s bootie taste like Luden’s Cough Drops (ew). Stick with tropical flavors, or flavors you know you like. Here are my top recommendations:

1. ID Juicy Lube Peach
2. ID Juicy Lube Big Banana
3. O’My All-Natural With Hemp (no artificial additives) Strawberry Cheesecake
4. O’My All-Natural With Hemp (no artificial additives) Kiwi Strawberry
5. Wet Flavored Lube Passion Fruit
6. Wet Flavored Lube Seedless Watermelon
7. Wet Flavored Lube Fresh Mango