The Double Feeling: Fleshlight documentary

In around 10 minutes, The Double Feeling: Fleshlight documentary by Kataskop Film provides a look into the making, packaging, and a little bit of the use of popular men’s masturbation toy, Fleshlight. The editing isn’t tight, so expect a few awkwardly long lingering shots of people looking uncomfortable around the factory, and also expect some really (unintentionally) depressing comments in the beginning about heterosexual relationships from their receptionist.

In all, it’s pretty interesting though. I love factory tours and manufacturing. Also, when I worked at the dildo hut for years and years, I sold a ton of Fleshlights to people, just the same as walking in a store and buying a pair of “special occasion” shoes. What I never told anyone was that we totally screwed around with Fleshlights in the stockroom, seeing if we could cram our entire fists into them (among other things), and one co-worker even managed to get her head (almost) into one. We’d also tie the end and try to blow it up like a balloon (ever watch your butch punk rock co-worker die laughing while trying to blow into a big fake pink vagina?), and one co-worker got busted for using a former floor model as a pen cup on her desk. I’ll also never forget the time I watched a lesbian couple come in, look at the display Fleshlight like “WFT?” and the butch of the couple grabbed it. They looked around to see if anyone was watching, then the femme slid three fingers into it — and freaked the fuck out in the most hilarious wide-eyed way, pushing it at her girlfriend with a “You gotta try it!” urgency. They didn’t buy one, but they definitely had a great time checking it out.

* Note: My co-workers and I were playing around with decommissioned floor models, and yes, after we’d washed them.

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